Thursday, December 8, 2011

Powerful tools to spread and multiply the Question evolution! campaign

The Question evolution! campaign is perfect for creation evangelism (see our post entitled Creation evangelism and the Question evolution! campaign).

Our Question evolution! campaign group developed some tools which will allow independent Question Evolution! groups to grow quickly plus multiply the formation of new groups. We believe such tools will create an army of proliferating Question evolution groups across the United States and across the world.

Publishers Weekly did a review of the classic book The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations.

Here is an excerpt of Publishers Weekly review:

Apache Indian tribes "are made up of many smaller units capable of operating, growing and multiplying independently of each other, making it very difficult for a rival force to control or defeat them."

Our Question evolution! campaign team has posted a series of blog posts on free tools plus other tools to help you spread the Question evolution! campaign You needn't use all the tools, just grab one of the tools and start hammering away at evolutionism.

For your convenience, below are links to those blog posts so you can find them all in one place plus share them with others more readily:

1. Get a free forum with free hosting and launch a Question Evolution! online community

2. Get a free Question Evolution! blog

3. Creating tools so Question Evolution! groups can quickly grow and multiply

4. Using free web conferencing rooms to spread the Question evolution! campaign

5. Free Question evolution! PowerPoint Presentations

6. Get a free Question Evolution website

7. Facebook will be a tremendous boost to the Question Evolution! Campaign

8. Spread the Question Evolution! Campaign far and wide on YouTube with ease

9. Internet video tips for creationists

10. Question evolution videos and public access channels

11. Getting even more results from your Question evolution! campaign efforts

12. Launch a Question evolution! blog network

13. Create a Question evolution! online community/membership website

More co-operation between biblical creationists and the rest of Christendom

The strategies above can not only be used to spread biblical creation, but can be used by other Christian organizations such as evangelism ministries, Christian apologetics ministries (see: What is Christian apologetics?), churches, etc. Co-operative efforts between these groups will increase their effectiveness. For example, churches with blogs can have guest biblical creationist bloggers. Creation speakers can speak before Christian churches and churches can link to biblical creation websites and blogs.

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  1. Since I cannot find a link to contact you, I'm resorting to the contact form. Sorry. Feel free to delete this.

    I would like to request inclusion in your resources. The site of Piltdown Superman features links and resources for creationism and refuting evolutionism. Articles appear from CMI, ICR, AiG, CrevInfo and others.

    There is a tab for "The Question Evolution Project". There are videos (you linked to one of mine, "15 Questions..."), a link to the Facebook Page, and an emphasis on February 12, "Question Evolution Day". This aspect of the site had its genesis (heh!) in the "Question Evolution Campaign".

    Thanks for reading this and for your consideration.

  2. Thanks for you blog comments that you have made in the past. I will be certain to review your website in the next 72 hours.


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