Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Little Introduction, A Little War

88% of children raised in evangelical homes leave the Christian church.

Now that I've staggered you, it's time for a brief introduction. I'm one of those children raised in an evangelical home. I'm now facing the point at which this massive drop off takes place: College. My name is Connor Richards, and I'm a freshman. I attend Indiana University, Princeton Review's #16 party school in the nation. You, dear reader, are hearing these words of mine because this college atmosphere, this party school, and this academic environment, have not weakened my faith in the least. On the contrary, I feel closer to my Lord than ever.

Now this begs an ardent "Why?" Why haven't I fallen away, even a little? Why do I think I can change that very first statistic? Why will the Question Evolution! Campaign make any difference?

Let us start where I began this post.  88% of children raised in evangelical homes leave the Christian church, never to return. Here's an interesting statistic that corroborates with that: Approximately 85% of students are educated in the public school system, according to the 2000 US Census. This system that is required to teach what this campaign is here to dispute, Darwinian Evolution. The very first chapter of the Bible talks about God creating the Earth, speaking it into existence. Unless you start around Christmas or Easter, this is usually where Sunday school lessons begin. It sets the stage of the story, the setting where God's grand redemptive plan takes place. This is the foundation. Now fast forward to the public school classroom, where children are now taught evolutionary principles as fact. The two sides, Darwinian Evolution and Holy Creation, are difficult to reconcile (I won't say impossible, but the process of reconciliation without serious compromise is an extremely difficult one, and up for debate). One must be correct, the other false. To academia, the choice is portrayed as obvious. Science has "proven" that evolution is absolutely correct, leaving creation as a fairy tale. The only thing holding this foundation together is their environment outside of school, people who live out Christianity as truth. When students move away from that environment, it crumbles.

In the face of that scenario, what can anyone do to make it different? That is precisely where this campaign comes into play. You have no doubt noticed that scenario began to take a turn as a result of evolution. It feeds the doubt, breathes life into a growing atheism. It is absolutely critical that we cut off that air supply. Make no mistake, dear readers, this is an academic war for the minds of the next generation, a war we cannot afford to lose.

Now, please recognize something. What I have just described for you is a starting point, a foundation. A foundation does not make a shack, let alone the palace that is a Christian faith. Remember the words of Jesus Christ, when he was asked what the most important commandment is "The most important commandment is this: Hear, O Israel, The Lord our God is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." This is covers simply the mind. We were created as rational beings, we won't entertain something of such huge importance if we are convinced it isn't reasonable. But entertaining is not accepting, much less really believing. The next step is growth. It requires an earnest seeking of the Lord, with people around you to show you the way and a Bible in your hand. It absolutely MUST end in true repentance of sin and trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Only then are you saved. This campaign is a foundation, do not use it as a substitute for true Christianity. Now then, how are we moving to fight for this foundation?

We must pick up our own academic weapons, and educate. Science, when applied correctly, discredits the atheistic beginning of life as we know it. The issue is, people don't know that! This is where the Question Evolution! Campaign comes in. We are using events, blogs, anything we possibly can to get the word out. I've joined this campaign because it promotes the truth, a truth that can set the hearts, minds, and souls of the student population free. I live in a student population who doesn't know, but that need not continue. Men and women, take up arms.

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