Thursday, April 24, 2014

Global media outreach has completed 1 billion internet-based gospel presentations. Next step: Watch creationist ministries greatly amp up their internet outreach

The Christian Post reported on April 24, 2014: Global Media Outreach Ministry Reaches 1 Billion People Through Virtual Gospel Presentations

The Good News

Christianity is beginning to realize the great power of harnessing the internet. I predict that biblical creationist ministries will soon realize in a much greater way the immense and powerful opportunity that they have at their disposal via the internet.  When this happens, biblical creationism will be a run away train which will be a very exciting development. Creationist will use the internet in a way that greatly amps up people's awareness and understanding of the creation vs. evolution issue. It is already starting to happen and the website of has seen 50% growth in the last two years according to Quantcast which directly measures their web traffic via embedded code on their website.  I think this is just the tip of the iceberg of what Creation Ministries will ultimately achieve on the internet. I say this because the speed of their growth of their web traffic is greatly increasing and so is what they are offering their web visitors.

For example, I noticed that Creation Ministries International is beginning to create more videos which is very important as video greatly improves people's understanding of a subject and videos are very engaging.  Internet evangelists very much use videos to make their message more approachable to people. Experts say that video increase people's understanding of a issue/product/service by 74%.   Show your support for creation video evangelism. Subscribe to the YouTube channel CMI Creation Station  Tell your friends and family to do likewise.

The sad but easily changeable news

But sadly, the truth is that compared to general Christian internet evangelism that internet creation evangelism is a sick horse and not a race horse. But again, I predict that this will significantly change and you can help. 
Donate to Creation Ministries International.  Tell them how much you appreciate their web ministry and support it. Do the same with other Christian ministries which support biblical creationism.

Once biblical creationists deeply tap into the internet it will be a game changer

Consider this 2011 report from our article entitled Internet evangelism is powerful especially when combined with creation evangelism which helps show the huge opportunity that creationist have before them if they put more resources into creation web evangelism:
In June of 2011, the internet evangelism organization Global Media Outreach reported:

• Shared the Gospel with more than 150 million people

• Saw 19,287,789 indicate that they prayed in faith to receive Jesus Christ

• With 2,550,732 requesting follow-up from one of our 7,588 trained volunteer online missionaries

• 4,507,155 discipleship visits

• All 195 countries

*Typically, around 15% of all visitors indicate they prayed in faith to receive Jesus.

Creation Ministries International is seeing rapidly increasing web traffic

The ministry of Creation Ministries International is going from one Question Evolution! Campaign  peak to  another Question Evolution! Campaign peak! Will the website of  reach over 600,000 unique monthly visitors in 2016? Or will it be even better! 

Western evolutionist and atheists fear for your bankrupt ideologies like your Chinese comrades who are terrified due to an increased presence of Christianity in their country (Chinese atheist leaders are terrified). Darwinism is an intellectually fragile daisy that will wilt under the sun of a greatly expanded internet presence of biblical creationism.  For example, Darwinists have yet to provide satisfactory answers to the 15 questions for evolutionists and they have scurried away from our recent debate challenges.

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