Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Creating tools so Question Evolution! groups can quickly grow and multiply

Our Question evolution! campaign group has decided to develop some tools which will allow independent Question Evolution! groups to grow quickly plus multiply the formation of new groups. We believe such tools will create an army of proliferating Question evolution groups across the United States and across the world.
Publishers Weekly did a review of the classic book The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations.

Here is an excerpt of Publishers Weekly review:

Apache Indian tribes "are made up of many smaller units capable of operating, growing and multiplying independently of each other, making it very difficult for a rival force to control or defeat them."

The Question evolution! campaign tools that need to be created us and by others

1. PowerPoint Question evolution! presentations combined with free internet conference rooms are a powerful combination.

We encourage people to download our free Question evolution! Power Point presentation (we used the free program Impress which comes with the free program Open Office to create the free Power Point presentation) You can use Impress to create your own Question evolution campaign PowerPoint presentations and share them with others like we have done.

There are 60 day free trials of PowerPoint or you can use similar free Power Point like programs like Impress by OpenOffice

Why are PowerPoint presentations and free web conference rooms a winning combination?

There are free and cheap web conferencing options at Voxli and which will allow you to make Question evolution! campaign PowerPoint presentations to groups of people plus have discussions after the presentations.

Free web conferencing rooms are being used effectively to spread the Question evolution! campaign. Please see our post Using free web conferencing rooms to spread the Question evolution! campaign allows you to give a web conference to 500 people at a time with the paid version, but they have a free version as well!

Question evolution! PowerPoint presentations can be used at churches and other places as well

In addition to Question evolution! PowerPoint presentations being used for web conference rooms as described above, they could also being used in churches, other gatherings and for one on one presentations as well.

2. YouTube Question Evolution! videos

Not only can Question Evolution! videos be uploaded to YouTube and imbedded on web pages, but they would also make great videos to share in web conferencing rooms such as Voxli and

Copy these YouTube videos to your YouTube channel, website, blog and use them in your web conference rooms

Creation Ministries International says on their YouTube channel, creationclips, that people are free to copy their videos on their YouTube channel or on their website. Also, the Christian YouTube video maker is part of our Question evolution! campaign team and he is generously allowing people to freely use his video as well.

You can upload the CMI Question Evolution! Campaign video with a simple touch of a button via this web page. If there are other Question evolution! videos you want to copy, the free free video player RealPlayer allows you to upload videos at the touch of a button.

Want some powerful tips on creating a vibrant YouTube channel. See our previous post Spread the Question Evolution! Campaign far and wide on YouTube with ease

Below are some Question evolution! campaign videos that you are free to copy and use:



Want even more web traffic?

Want even more web traffic? Please see our blog post Getting even more results from your Question evolution! campaign efforts

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