Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Get a free forum with free hosting and launch a Question evolution! online forum

You or your Question Evolution! Campaign group can launch your very own free Question Evolution! forum. We also give you lots of tips to get web traffic to your free forum. 

4 reasons to launch a Question Evolution! forum

1. As a meeting place for you and other members of your Question Evolution group. At your forum you can discuss and coordinate your upcoming activities to promote the  Question Evolution! Campaign

2.  An educational resource area to discuss the 15 questions for evolutionists

3. Some people like debating while others are not into debate. If you love debating, you can set up a creation vs. evolution debate forum and bring up the 15 questions for evolutionists.  Please be aware that evolutionists are terrible debaters who use a lot of logical fallacies. See: List of logical fallacies and Fallacy files

If you like debating, you will often find evolutionists are easy to defeat in debate - especially if you bring up the 15 questions for evolutionists   If an evolutionist  raises an issue you are not familiar with, in most cases you can find the answer at creation answers or using the search box at  In addition, there are plenty of Bible believing scientists you can make inquiries to.

4. For one or more of the above reasons

Excellent free forums with free hosting

1. Zeta Boards (unlimited bandwidth, your forum can grow as big and busy as you want and it's still free. If you don't want to have their advertisements, you can pay to be advertisement free. If you see a lot of evolution advertisements, you can pay to have it advertisement free)

2.  Make Forum

Other free forums with free hosting:  One of the members of our group said these free forums with free hosting have more restrictive terms of use though: Proboards, Invisionfree,, Lefora, Forumer and Forumotion.

My educated guess is that unless the forum uses advertising, you may have to pay for hosting once the web traffic hits a certain level.  

Levels of access to free forums with free hosting:

There are a number of free forum with free hosting and our Question Evolution! group is looking into the various solutions. The nice forum solutions have different levels of access.

Some forums allow you to have a "by invite only" forum.  This is a nice solution if you want the forum to be just for you and your creationist friends who are promoting the campaign. Since it is your forum or your Question Evolution! group's forum, you or your group can set the rules for membership.

You can also have a forum with different levels of access.  The completely public part of the forum could be  an area for creation vs. evolution debate.  In addition, you can have sub forums for creationists which are accessed only by invitation.  For example, if you wanted a sub forum for engaging in various activities to spread the campaign or have a sub forum for developing various  materials for the campaign, you could have sub forums for those.

Getting web traffic to your forum

Want web traffic to your forum?

Although a forum is not a website, you can use some of the tips in this article to get web traffic to your forum: 100 ways to get web traffic to your website

In addition, please see our blog post:

Getting even more results from your Question evolution! campaign efforts

In addition, please see our articles: Get a free Question Evolution! blog and  Get a free Question Evolution website

Best free forum software for an existing website

1. Simple Machines Forum

2. SEO-Board - Free, Fast and Google Friendly. Great solution for small and medium-sized sites.

Best paid forum software for an existing website:

Below is my favorite paid forum software package to set a forum website because used in tandom they are very Google friendly so you can get free internet traffic from Google:

1. Vbulletin

2. vBSEO - Used by thousands of forum administrators, vBSEO is the leading plugin for vBulletin to make it more Google friendly

Best forum plugins for Wordpress websites

Best Wordpress forum plugins Forums and Simple: Press look to be the best because they are Google friendly (Search Engine Optimized URLS) and their latest releases are fairly recent.

Here are the Forums and Simple: Press websites:

1. Simple Press forum software - free (takes donations), feature rich, highly customizable, completely integrated and fully scalable forum plugin for WordPress.

2. forum software - free and paid versions

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