Saturday, December 17, 2011

Coming attraction: Young creationist about to debut his first Question evolution! campaign video

On December 10, 2011, we wrote about a 13 year old young man who has decided to volunteer for the Question evolution! campaign. The blog post was entitled David meet Goliath. 13 year old young man volunteers for the Question evolution! campaign

We have an update on this young David who is going to help slay the Goliath of evolutionary indoctrination . He is working on his first Question evolution! campaign and is going to release it soon.

What is the video going to be about? I am not going to spoil the surprise!

The great thing about the Question evolution! campaign is that it's so easy to spread the campaign. If you are willing to do it, in most cases you can do it.

If you create a really nice Question evolution! video, we will tell people about it. We have access to a large Christian YouTube channel who likes to share good videos with his subscribers.

Question evolution! video sharing tips

Create a Question evolution! video and spread the news of the campaign far and wide on YouTube, GodTube, Ultimatetube, GospelTube, and other video sharing websites.

Want some tips on spreading the campaign via videos? Please see our blog post entitled Spread the Question Evolution! Campaign far and wide on YouTube with ease

And remember, if you create a nice Question evolution! campaign video, we will tell people about it.

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