Monday, December 5, 2011

Upcoming Question evolution! campaign blog network and online community

Currently, there is a Question evolution! campaign and Christianity vs. atheism web conference room that keeps expanding and expanding in terms of participants. In addition, the popular YouTube Christian YouTube Shockofgod generously allowed our group to use his blog. As promised, due to our expanding volunteer group, we launched a Question evolution! campaign blog as we hope you are enjoying it. From here we would like to create a Question evolution! campaign network of blogs, a Question Evolution! Campaign forum, Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, etc.

A blog network is a group of interconnected blogs or several groups of interconnected blogs that have a common theme and/or serve a particular purpose. For social movements, blog networks are great for social networking plus each person in the blog network has something to offer the blog network such as writing skills, knowledge of various subjects, technical expertise, promotional skills, leadership skills, encouragement, etc.

Since the Question evolution! campaign is a grassroots worldwide campaign, the blog network could be international in scope. Biblical creationists having additional international communications and greater co-operative efforts is going to be fantastic. In addition, various blogs in the blog network can specialize in various niches such as students, teachers, scientists, churches, etc.

For those who are not familiar with blog networks here is a great article on the benefits of a blog network:

7 advantages of joining a blog network

WordPress has a great platform for blog networks that is free plus if you want to get fancy and have a lot of bells and whistles to your blog network their are vendors who have provide lot of options and will even set up a Wordpress blog network.

Here are two great WordPress vendors:


2. WP.MU

Dedicated and thriving online and offline communities

The more I get involved in this campaign the more fun it becomes. You meet a lot of interesting people, develop friends and it is a very noble cause. We are looking very forward to building a thriving and effective online army of volunteers to spread the Question evolution! campaign. Excellent progress is being made and we thank those who have been assisting us.

A noble cause

Historically, belief in evolution has caused a needless stumbling to Christian evangelism and it has caused untold suffering in the world as it has aided and abetted the ideologies of militant atheism, abortion, Nazism, evolutionary racism, Social Darwinism, communism, euthanasia plus a host of other evils.

Join the Question evolution campaign today! And please feel free to drop by our Question evolution! campaign and Christianity vs. atheism web conference room The web conference room is open evenings and many times throughout the day.

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