Saturday, December 17, 2011

Houston, we have creation evangelism lift off!

Our Question evolution! campaign volunteer group rocket engine is kicking in!


1. Now that his exams are over, the university biology student we recruited is freed up to volunteer for the campaign. He is very committed to the campaign as he LOATHES Darwinism and atheism. He wants to spend about 15 hours a week volunteering for the campaign plus he knows several people in his church who would be interested in volunteering. He found out about the campaign through the YouTube Christian video maker Shockofgod.

2. We now have sufficient blog writer volunteers for our blog to write about 2-7 plus blog posts a week.

Now we can focus MUCH more on recruiting additional volunteers for our group

We have someone in our group who worked for a national executive search firm. Do you think he can recruit a few good volunteers? We definitely think so. He is used to making 100 outbound calls a day. That's a lot of calls in a day!

3. The pastor of a member of our group had a lawyer call his pastor out of the blue saying he has a keen interest in writing Christian grants to promote the gospel. His pastor thinks he will write the grants pro-bono (as a volunteer). God is opening doors that no man can shut!

Our group was told by a expert in Christian grants that at any given time, there are about 200 Christian evangelism grants available in the United States. We believe that we are in a prime position to eventually gain such a grant because we are forging relationships with Christian organizations which are involved in Christian internet evangelism.

4. This weekend we are going to focus our efforts on spreading the campaign in Tennessee, California, Canada, and the UK.


Have you read Creation Ministries International article Harnessing social media for Jesus

Creationist songbirds, start tweeting about the Question evolution! campaign!

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  1. Hello to all. My name is Daniel and I can be described as an Athiest. I have been looking over this website because I am interested in all points of views and not just mine alone. I would like to add a couple points from my point of view that maybe some of you can use in your future discussions. First of all, attacking evolution doesn't seam to be a fruitfull endeaver. I am athiest not just because I agree with evolution, but becaue I disagree with organized religion as well as the god/s contained in organized religions documents. Many have asked the question of what created GOD and many say that GOD was simply always there. Well, that same argument can be made for matter am I right? Why can't matter have always been here and exploded into existance in the big bang? Oh, and for you who do not agree with the big bang please answer this one question. How do you explain the FACT that all matter in the univers is moving away in all directions as if it came from a central point?

  2. Dan, here are some resources for you that addresses your blog post to us:

    Lastly, the has over 7,000 pages of biblical creation information on their website so we suggest first going to these web pages if you have any further questions creation topics web page and Search

    Thank you for your feedback.


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