Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Morality: some logical conclusions of Darwinian evolution

A very satisfying and effective debate approach is to take your opponent’s views, grant them for the sake of argument, turn it around on them, take it to its logical (or, illogical) conclusion and let them deal with them mess that their very own views have made.

Here is a video titled, “Morality: some logical conclusions of Darwinian evolution” which takes the evolutionists views and takes them much further down the road than they would ever care to go.

If you are so inclined, also watch it on YouTube as it was recently posted and the debate in the comments section has already begun.


  1. I hope you realize that much of what you say is factually incorrect. For example, lemmings do not commit mass suicide and humans, like apes, kill each other for resources and territory ALL THE TIME. (war!!!) Fool

  2. Thank you for the feedback.
    The main point of the video is not discredited due to a common knowledge misconception about Lemmings.
    In an atheist universe morality is what we call our interpretation of bio-chemical neural reactions in our brains. Mere bio-sensory reactions within the haphazardly and blindly evolved gray matter of bio-organisms sitting atop a spinning rock in the universe’s backwaters.
    When we consider nature, we could choose to follow examples of group cooperation, infighting, feeding on each other or what have you: and as long as we survive, it matters not.
    We can survive by getting along or by being the fittest and winning fights. We can survive by ascertaining empirical facts or by being utterly deluded and it matters not: only survival matter and may the fittest win.
    Also, you seem to have missed the point which was about morality. Thus, the reference to apes and violence was not that we do not do it but rather that we may very well not condemn it but choose it as a good course of action.


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