Thursday, December 29, 2011

Prominent Canadian creationist Ian Juby endorses the Question evolution! Campaign

Recently, the Question Evolution! Campaign
has had the honor of having Canadian Speaker and Creation Icon Ian Juby give this acknowledgement and endorsement for our Campaign:

"The Question Evolution! Campaign is an innovative, grassroots anti-evolution campaign which I believe will have a lasting and far reaching impact. The campaign is worldwide in scope and I hope to see it serve as a uniting force within the biblical creation community. I heartily recommend getting involved in this grassroots anti-evolution movement." - Ian Juby

Ian Juby's website biography reads:

I (Ian) am the president of CORE Ottawa, Citizens for Origins Research and Education. I am also the director of the Creation Science Museum of Canada, a member of Mensa Canada and the president of the International Creation Science Special Interest Group for Mensa enthusiasts.
I have also had extensive personal studies in Origins for about the past eighteen years.
On my home page you can see and sometimes download projects I have collected for design and tech programs, read some of my creation science notes, check out my itinerary for creation science presentations or book a presentation for your church, youth or private group.

Additional information about Ian Juby

He builds museum displays for Creation museums and acts as a consultant. His displays can be seen in several Creation museums around North America including Canada's largest traveling Creation museum owned by Vance Nelson, as well as at the Big Valley Creation Science Museum, Canada's first permanent Creation museum

Often when viewing his video's you might get a sense of family humor but it's the bare bones of the Secular lies mixed with science which he rightfully addresses as lies rather than being taught and accepted. If you have not seen any of his videos on on his CrEvo Rants channel don't delay.

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