Thursday, December 22, 2011

Did "morality" evolve?

Below you will find parts 1 and 2 of the video "Where do atheists get their morals? From the Matt Slick vs. Edwin Kagin debate."
The atheist, Edwin Kagin, claims that morality evolved which leads to some interesting conclusions. Since he is rather taken with elephant hurling he rants about the "Genesis myth" along the way.


  1. Cultural relativism. What is wrong in one place can be right in another. In addition to the lack of objective moral guides (ie. none) we don't actually have a tool or set of rules for interpreting correctly moral elements (if they happened to be objective).
    Simply, right and wrong are determined by social Norms and Mores. Morals really are a relative existence to what predicament a society is in. Look at the 1972 Andes Flight disaster. This group changed its personal view on what is right and wrong based on the situation it was in. Need to survive out weighed the need to conform to the old social More of "don't eat human flesh". You can claim and attest to your superior ability at knowing what is right and wrong over other people, but then so can everyone. And everyone would have just as much legitimacy as you or any other religion or faith or lack of faith. Everyone is bound by the fact that morals are not provable or even defined in reality. They are ideas and concepts bound by society, culture and experience.
    So, where does and atheist or an agnostic attain their morals? From experience. Obviously. Society and subjective experience all shape the way you define morals and behavior. Even if you did a census on Catholic and Protestants on personal morals and perceptions of right and wrong, you would find a wide range in attitudes. Just cause you believe in parts of the Bible, doesn't mean you have automatically gain moral high-ground over others. Even clergy of the same faith have differing attitudes and perceptions of morals. Claiming otherwise is somewhat... baseless.

    1. Michael,

      A few points:

      1. Where is your proof and evidence that morals are relative?

      2. Evolutionism has been linked to a decline in morality:

      3. Is there such a thing as absolute truth? If not, are you ABSOLUTELY sure there is no such thing as absolute truth?

      4. I have found that often the people who claim morality is subjective is the same person who squeals like a stuck pig when someone wrongs them.

      5. Are you saying the pedophilia and bestiality can be moral? Do you practice bestiality?

      6. Given that evolutionists have often engaged in deceit to promote their ideology, I do not find it surprising you are advocating relativistic morality. See:

      7. Lastly, please see:

    2. Michael,

      We repeatedly gave you this debate offer:

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