Saturday, December 24, 2011

Question 1 - How Did Life Originate?

This is my blog from the "Question Evolution! Canada" blog page:

Evolutionists know how important the origin of life is to their materialistic theory, and yet they don't have a clue how it could have happened! It's gotta be tough when your belief system goes against the laws of nature! If you want to hear some good story telling, just ask an Evo how life got started!

The origin of life represents the origin of information, and information always comes from a mind! Isn't it logical then that the information encoded in DNA that codes for life would be the results of an intelligent agent? Makes sense to me!

Nature NEVER produces information or code systems. Intelligent agents produce these all the time. Therefore, when we find information, the most reasonable conclusion is that it came from an intelligent mind. 

This YouTube Atheist attempted to answer the 1st question "How Did Life Originate?". Here is my critique: YOU think this evolutionist gave a good answer? I certainly don't!

This is actually one of my more popular videos, as it has over 4000 views and is still growing! There are hundreds of comments, but no substantive answers to the origin of life.  Check out this one golden comment the user "unyobro" left:

Interestingly, this user thinks I'm ignoring the people answering the "15 questions". Um.....what does he think this video is?!? I'm replying directly to the evolutionists who are attempting to answer the question! Apparently that makes me a dishonest propagandists! I guess some people never studied logic...

So when I get comments like that on my YouTube videos, it can only mean one thing: Evolutionists CAN'T answer the first question in the "Question Evolution" campaign. Maybe they'll do better on question 2?

I won't hold my breath!

- Matt

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  1. Following their logic...many evolutionists ARE answering the question, "How did life originate?" They just answer, "I don't know." ...wait, then why do they expect us to teach their "I don't know" as "Evolution, and abiogenesis DID happen"? Sorry, evolutionists, "I don't know" is NOT a satisfactory answer, nor an answer good enough to teach evolution or abiogenesis as fact to our kids.


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