Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why Canadian belief in evolution will crumble under the assault of the grassroots Question evolution! campaign

In the Canadian province of Alberta creation museums had a big effect on the populace and many people switched from belief in evolution to belief in biblical creation. The Question evolution! campaign should have a similar effect.


A August 8, 2008 article entitled Canadians Moving Towards Creation reported:
But that's not all - let's praise the Lord together because we now are seeing the effectiveness of Creation museums! There was a whopping turn-over in opinion in Alberta in the past year - the year following the opening of two permanent creation museums in Alberta! Last year 58% of Albertan pollsters believed evolution, whereas a mere 28% believed God created human beings in their present form in the last 10,000 years, while 14% weren't sure. Clearly the majority believed in evolution and rejected the young-earth creation model.

Now check out the major turnover in this year's poll of Albertans: 37% believed we evolved (down 21 points from 58%!), 40% believed in a young earth creation (up 12 points from 28%), and 23% said they didn't know (up 9 points from 14%)!

Congratulations to Harry Nibourg (owner of the Big Valley Museum), Vance Nelson (Owner of the Creation Truth Museum) and Larry Dye (owner of the Bow Island museum) - you've had a profound impact on the beliefs of Albertans - let's work on the rest of Canada now.

Beauty of the campaign - Bringing the "creation museum mountain" to the people

The beauty of the grassroots Question evolution! campaign is that it brings the "creation museum mountain" to the people. Plus, it is almost inevitable that Question evolution! campaign materials such as workbooks, additional videos, etc, will be developed. Perhaps, Question evolution! museums will be created as well. For example, man-on-the-street Question evolution! campaign videos are in the process of being made in the state of Tennessee by someone in our Question evolution! campaign group (A professional video editor has volunteered to make the Tennessee man-on-the-street Question evolution videos look very professional looking).

Of course, we know why evolutionary belief took a big hit in Alberta. It is because evolutionary belief has no foundation. Evolutionary belief is made of cardboard "arguments" and the 50 caliber questions of the Question evolution! campaign delivered by creationist marksmen will turn evolutionism into Swiss cheese in Canada. Watch the video 15 Questions Evolutionists STILL can't answer! and you will see how exceedingly thin "evolutionist cardboard" is.

Canadian creationist groups are going to love the Question evolution campaign

I was speaking to the head of a large group of creationists and I told him about the campaign. He seemed very interested in the campaign and it was a pleasure to talk to him. And besides Canadian creationist groups there are many Bible believing Christian groups in Canada.

Most importantly, a grassroots anti-evolution campaign can grow the size of creation and Bible believing groups so it is a win-win situation - ESPECIALLY if our group lends some manpower to their efforts which we are offering to do.

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