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Internet Video Tips for Creationists

Internet Video Tips for Creationists

Video is very popular and powerful on the internet. Many people are not aware how truly popular YouTube videos are because YouTube only displays to the viewers of YouTube videos the video view counts that occur by people who happen to be logged into YouTube at the time they saw the video. The person who operates the YouTube video channel is able to determine the actual view counts , however.

The popularity of video is especially true today because many people prefer video to reading. Video is also a great way to attract traffic and links from other websites and from the search engines like Google.

Internet Video Tips

1. Video editing software

Video editing software allows you to edit your digital video. You can add special effects using this software too.

Here is some excellent video editing software:

Top 5 free video editing software

Review of CyberLink PowerDirector 10

Comparison of video editing software

2. YouTube Marketing Tips

YouTube Marketing Tips (This is a good article but you need to sign up for their free newsletter which only takes a minute)

You can also imbed YouTube videos on your website which will lower your server cost as it will not have to run the video plus it will increase
traffic to your YouTube channel. If you choose to imbed YouTube videos on your website, I would follow the suggestions of Aaron Wall which are directly below.

3. Internet video tips from Internet Marketing Expert Aaron Wall

A. "If you are going to post content on your site and on YouTube, you are best posting it on your site first. And the reason being is – you want the links coming to your site, if you can; because then that link juice can be used to rank better for a wide array of keyword."

B. "You can also give people embed code like Vimeo does, so you are building links back to your site from embeds."

C. "Try to make your site have more content on it than you put on 3rd party sites – perhaps there is a part 2 on your website or textual transcription on your site."

4. Optimal Internet Video Length for very important videos

If you have a very important video that you want to spread widely on YouTube and the internet the best internet video length is 8 minutes. The current research supports that you want to make your most important and interesting material appear within the first minute of you video - about 50% of YouTube visitors stop watching a video after 1 minute. There has also been research on how long the typical YouTube video is.

5. Video optimization Tips - getting YouTube and search engines to rank your videos higher

Video Search Engine Optimization (Video SEO) by Eric Enge

14 Best Practices and Tips for Video Optimization SEO

Research Summary on YouTube Optimization

6. YouTube Tag Optimization - Getting your videos to show up higher in YouTube search engine

YouTube Tag Optimization

The New Frontier: YouTube Optimization

Number of Tags per Video on YouTube

7. Develop YouTube Allies if Possible

Find some popular YouTube channels that are related to your channel and get them to favorite a good video of yours or ask them to do a video which endorses your YouTube channel.

8. Help Build up a YouTube Subscriber Base with Twitter

Here is a tip I got from Christian YouTuber : "I will tell you what has helped me a lot with views and getting subscribers is TWITTER. All you do is set up a Twitter page then go into your YouTube channel and look at one of your videos and below it will say TWITTER. Click the Twitter icon and it auto broadcasts your video to your Twitter page! Very easy and you don't have to do anything. For example check out my Twitter page at"

9. Additional Tips from the Social Media Expert Dan Zarella

I highly recommend reading this book as it gives tips on how to get the most out of your efforts with YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. The Social Media Marketing Book by Dan Zarella

10. Automated ways of spreading your videos across many video sharing websites has an article on this matter which declares:

Here are ten video distribution and multiple video upload services and software applications (some free, some have user fees or membership requirements) compared:

Video Distribution and Automated Submission Services Compared

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