Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Get a free Question Evolution blog

Blogs are a great way to spread the biblical creation message and to keep people up to date on your personal efforts to advance the Question evolution campaign or your groups' efforts. If you don't have a Question evolution group, then start a blog and get the word out so you will have a group!

Get a free Question evolution! blog

Here are 2 blog platforms where you can create a Question evolution! campaign blog:

1. Wordpress

- free and paid blog solutions

- Google loves Wordpress blogs so you can get traffic from Google

- Established blog platform with lots of options available

- If you want to earn money off your blog, you will need to host your own blog and Wordpress offers a list of hosting companies which are able to host Worpress blogs.

Also, if you want to host your own blog/website, Creation Ministries International has an affiliate marketing program via ShareASale if you want to earn money off your website/blog. Once you website/blog is approved via ShareASale, just do a vendor search for Creation Ministries International.

2. Blogger/Blogspot

Pros: Free, easy to set up, Blogger allows you to earn money off your blog using their free blog platform


- Not very search engine friendly

- Many people have used Blogger for years without any problems. On the other hand, some people have had it lock up on them so they can no longer edit their blogs.

Creating a spectacular looking WordPress blog

If you want a fancy looking Wordpress blog, here are some resources:

1. Using WordPress, with DVD by Triss Hussey

2. Wordpress All-in-One For Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson


Want more web traffic?

Here are some good resources as far blogging tips for beginners and getting web traffic to a blog:

Blogging tips for beginners

21 tips to get traffic to a blog

Do you want even more web traffic? Please see our blog post Getting even more results from your Question evolution! campaign efforts
Want to create a collection of interconnected blogs?
If you want to create a collection of interconnected blogs see our blog post:

Create a Question evolution! campaign blog network

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