Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Using free web conferencing rooms to spread the Question evolution! campaign

Free web conferencing rooms which allow voice conferencing and text chat are a great way to spread the Question evolution! campaign

There are free and cheap web conferencing options at Voxli and which will allow you to make Question evolution! campaign PowerPoint presentations to groups of people plus have discussions after the presentations.

During September of 2011, the Christian YouTuber Shockofgod gave 3 Question evolution! campaign web conferences and the web conferencing room of 50 people was generally at near capacity at all times. allows you to give a web conference to 500 people at a time with the paid version which is inexpensive, but they have a free version as well.

Shockofgod has found that when asked to get on the mic to address the 15 questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer that often evolutionists are timid as little bunnies and will not get on the microphone in the web conferencing rooms because they know they cannot effectively address the 15 questions. As long as an evolutionist is polite and is not hogging the mic so others cannot speak, we encourage you to have a dialogue with evolutionists. If an evolutionists is not behaving though you can temporarily boot him out of the room so he/she has to re-enter the room or you can permanently ban him/her from the room.

Question evolution! PowerPoint presentations can be used at churches and other places as well

We created a free Question evolution! PowerPoint presentation which is free to the public that can be used for web conference rooms and they can also being used in churches, other gatherings and for one on one presentations as well. You can create your own free PowerPoint presentations and we show you how in our post Free Question evolution! Powerpoint PresentationFree Question evolution! Powerpoint Presentation

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