Monday, December 5, 2011

Creation Evangelism and the Question Evolution! Campaign

Creation evangelism and the Question Evolution! Campaign.  What a pair!  Like the two sharp edges of a skillfully crafted sword.

Creation evangelism is the proclaiming of the truth of the Word of God, and inspiring others to stand upon the absolute authority of the Word of Almighty God from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21.  There are many good ministries which teach not only that the Word of God accurately records the history of creation from the very beginning, but also teach the scientific integrity of the biblical record.

Among these wonderful ministries is Creation Ministries International.   You can visit the Creation Ministries International web site to read numerous articles, see video clips or purchase books and DVD’s to help educate yourself about the scientific evidence for biblical creation and the authority of the Bible, and explaining the reasons for faith in God.

According to the web traffic company Quantcast, very recently Creation Ministries International web site, has recently had as many as 100,000 unique visitors during a one-month period.  Also of note is that Quantcast shows that has a high index of College Graduates and Post Graduates compared to the Internet average.  Quantcast also shows Creation Ministries International has an approximate average of 103,000 monthly visits, with an average 72,500 unique people visiting from the United States each month.

Couple this with the growing grassroots Question Evolution! Campaign helping encourage and educate people in questioning evolution starting with these 15 Questions for Evolutionists.

Let’s look at the potential we have here.

According to the Pew Forum’s U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, Religious Beliefs and Practices: Diverse and Politically Relevant, June, 2008, “Nearly one-in-four adults (23%) in the U.S. who are affiliated with a particular religion share their faith with others at least once a week.” (pg. 51)

Think about this for a moment.  23% of people who identify with a particular religion (regardless of that religion) share their faith with others at least once a week.  How would that look if the same percentage of the 72,500 unique monthly United States visitors shared their belief, and scientific evidence, encouraging people they meet to question evolution?

 This would give us 16,675 people showing someone else how to question evolution every week!  How awesome would that be?  To continue, what would it be like if 23% of these unique visitors were willing to participate as volunteers (writing, organizing, and setting up local groups teaching others to question evolution)?  This would mean that there would be 3,385 volunteers not only encouraging others to question evolution, but actually helping organize and educate others to even better question evolution!

How much would such a campaign help strengthen those of the Christian faith and encourage all others to pursue the truth?  If more people understood how to question evolution, more people would be encouraged to actually think about what they are being taught.  When people start questioning what they are being taught, and start demanding the truth about what they are being taught, it will send shockwaves throughout academia and society.

When we, as a united front, question evolution, and teach others to do so, evolution will be exposed as the lie it is: created solely to separate people from the God who lovingly created them.  People will begin to see that true science, scrutinized under true scientific rigor actually supports the truth of the Word of God.   As people begin to understand this, they will see that there is a God who loves them, who will tell them the truth even when some may not want them to understand.

I am part of this campaign as a Christian writer.  I post at and YAHOO! Contributor Network (Associated Content), and the Question Evolution! Campaign Blog.  It would be easy for me to avoid the controversy this brings, but telling the truth is important; and telling the truth in love changes lives.  We are put on this earth to glorify God and help others come to a loving relationship with Him.  People need us to lovingly tell them the truth, and to encourage them to question everything in pursuit of the truth.  Questioning evolution in today’s world will help people discover truth.

Final and important note

Creation Ministries International is developing new methods and new tools to share the campaign and more ways and tools keep coming out. Our Question Evolution! Campaign is doing likewise. In December and January, our group which recently has seen some significant growth, is going on a Question Evolution Campaign volunteer drive using some of our new methods and tools.

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