Sunday, December 11, 2011

Calling all teachers: The Question Evolution! Campaign wants YOU!

Are you an educator who is fed up with the bankrupt idea of evolution?  I have a very good way for you to do something about it: join the Question Evolution! Campaign.

How does a teacher, an educator of our future leaders, join the Question Evolution! Campaign without risking their job?  Challenge yourself to do something you may have always dreamed of: write a short term curriculum that teaches teenagers and young adults how to properly and confidently Question Evolution!

Teachers, consider this: you may not be permitted to teach, advocate or bring up questions that bring the veracity of evolution in doubt, but your students can.  You have the tools needed to write a short course teaching our students – your students – how to Question Evolution!  You do not have to teach the course; you could give it to somebody outside the normal school system to teach during the summer months, or as a local outreach project at a church, community center or a home.

What would happen if the next time your curriculum forced you to bring up evolution, and two or three of your students would each ask one of the 15 questions evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer?  Would this not allow open discussion of the topic with the teacher being the moderator?

As part of educating our students, we must teach them how to question things.  Why should teaching our students to question evolution be left out?

Who knows what would happen if a well-educated and passionate biology teacher, geology teacher, chemistry teacher, and communications teacher got together and wrote a twenty-hour course based upon the 15 Questions for Evolutionists, and other quality questions?  If it was accurate, engaging and helpful, it could even be published and earn a little extra income for your efforts.

Teachers, this is your opportunity to provide quality guidance and instruction to the precious minds and hearts of our future leaders.  Almighty God has given you the desire and the talent to educate our youth.  If Holy Spirit is speaking to you in His still, small voice to participate, then please, ask Him for the guidance and courage to take up such an honorable and important task.


  1. Merry Christmas to all! I want to thank Grahame for his efforts on my blog to speak to the trolls. I suspect that some of you are using pseudonyms and I would recognize your names from the internet or Facebook. Glory to God in the highest! We are all missionaries to those caught up in Darwinism as well as teachers helping Christians adhere to the foundations of faith.

    Trolls! May I share why I let them in? To me the trolls are dumbbells in more than one way. I lift them to gain strength by addressing their foolish assertions. They are also unfortunately dumb in that they are foolish by the Biblical definition.

    May I present the 15 questions on my blog and link to your page(your site is already on my links list)? I always fully attribute sources and point people to them.

  2. Merry Christmas to you also. Feel free to present the 15 questions on your blog and link to our page. Thank for the links and appreciated

  3. I would be happy to contribute to this wonderful project. I am currently a junior dual majoring in biology and education, and I would love to lend a hand to all of my fellow future teachers who recognize evolution as the pseudoscience it truly is. I am actually working with a group of other students in publishing an introductory biology textbook, so I know a bit about formatting and other busywork that needs to go into educational materials.

  4. Jack,

    Thanks for responding.

    Please contact at volunteerqecampaignATgmailDOTcom and give us your: name, information you want to tell us about yourself that you feel would be helpful and any additional information you want to relay about your biology textbook project.

    Also, we are working with churches so please relay to us in your email the current church you are attending and any relevant information about the church.

    Alternatively, contact a local CMI office and here is their contact information:


    Question evolution! campaign supporter blog


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