Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Create a Question evolution! online community/membership website

Using a website with a forum and/or blog you can create an online community. Wordpress is a great solution to do this with as it is widely used and very Google friendly so you can get free Google traffic. Our post

On the other hand, there is turn key software that allows you easily set up a web community using online community/membership websites. The software is very flexible and can be used for non-profits who do not charge a membership fee or by businesses which wish to charge a membership fee.

One of the advantages of such software is that they have a lot of features to keep people informed plus the software is very flexible.

A Question evolution! membership website

Wishlist is a popular, user friendly and powerful online community and membership site solution used by over 27,000 causes/social movements/businesses worldwide. It has a lot of features so you can keep your online community well informed.

Although the software is inexpensive, if you want to defray the cost, Creation Ministries International has an affiliate marketing program via ShareASale which enables you to earn income. Once you website is approved via ShareASale, just do a vendor search for Creation Ministries International.

Want even more web traffic to your online community/membership website?

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