Monday, December 5, 2011

Our growing Question evolution! campaign group

Our Question evolution! campaign group is growing and soon it will be a majestic Question evolution! campaign tree! Since our Question evolution! campaign groups' inception, we have had a few volunteer drives.

Here are some recent additions to our group in our last volunteer drive:

1. An enthusiastic, articulate and very personable biology student who wants to spend quite a bit of time volunteering for the campaign after his finals are over.

2. A Christian college professor who took coursework at University of Notre Dame in their History and Philosophy of Science department. The Question evolution campaign is very appealing to him because of his lifelong interest in matters of science, philosophy and theology.

3. A Christian writer who is very dedicated to the campaign and created some great blog posts. He carefully researches his material and he writes very well.

4. A very enthusiastic and friendly college student and blogger. He is very well-spoken and committed to the campaign and he is donating his time generously.

5. A zealous American Christian who wants to help spread the campaign in his southern state and on the internet. He has a lot of fire in his belly about spreading the Question evolution! campaign. He lives in Tennessee. He is going to be doing some man-on-the-street Question evolution! campaign videos. A professional video editor friend is going to help produce and edit the videos.

6. A Christian apologist and blogger

7. A Christian high school student in Illinois who wants to spread the campaign on the internet for about 30 minutes a day. He is going to focus on telling people about the campaign and recruiting people to join the campaign

8. A Christian businessman from Singapore who wants to help spread the campaign in his country and in Malaysia

9. Another Christian blogger

We now have about 15 members on our team. We our hoping our current group members are at least as diligent the member of our group who contacted over 500 Texas churches about the campaign! She is a graduate of Stanford University and we hope to have her contribute soon to this blog or at least after the holiday season.

Upcoming Question evolution! Campaign Volunteer Drive

In December and January (especially after the Christmas/New Year holiday season), we are going to go on a volunteer recruitment drive which we expect to significantly outdo the others. We have recently developed some tools which should accelerate the growth of our group.

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  1. How do I join? I live in the United Kingdom but more than happy to help in whatever way I can

  2. Please contact CMI's UK office. Here is the contact page of their website:


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