Sunday, September 16, 2012

Decline of internet atheism and evolutionism articles

Below is our collection of our articles on the decline of internet atheism:

Internet atheism - The thrill is gone!

Google trend graphs for athesm, agnostic and evolution terms and for Jesus

June 2013 was TERRIBLE for internet atheism/Darwinism

Reddit Atheism is in decline

RichardDawkins,net keeps getting smited! Plague of locusts has eaten Richard Dawkins' daily website visitors? 

World's most popular site devoted to atheism/agnosticism sees a massive loss of global market share in 2013 according to Alexa.

The website of the American Atheists has been smited in 2013

Freethoughtblogs: : World's biggest atheist blogging community seeing a big decline? Are atheist women or atheist men to blame? has lost a lot of web traffic

2012 is shaping up to be a BAD year for atheism and evolutionism! Great new charts and developments!

Creation Ministries International blows past Richard Dawkins in terms of their website traffic.

The Creation Ministries International meme is growing stronger. The memes of Richard Dawkins are growing weaker

Did an attempt to revive EvoWiki fail? Is Google Panda mauling EvoWiki, Talk.Origins and atheist websites? 

Jesus vs. Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers - Jesus wins!

Round 2: Jesus vs. Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers - Jesus triumphs again! Onward Christian soldiers!

Talk.Origins Archive: Talk is cheap and evolutionist propaganda is stale and boring

Sam Harris, Project Reason failed!

Paul Kurtz is another atheist failure without a legacy

Two challenges to the dwindling fan base of atheist Farrell "forgotten" Till

Edward Edward Babinski's creation vs. evolution website has signficantly lost web traffic according to Is he an agnostic/evolutionist destined for total obscurity? 

EvC Forum appears to be dead. Creationist censored and banned due to winning debate after debate

The hamsters of evolutionary belief spin wildly on their wheels, but they are going nowhere

Evolutionist at EvC Forum admits his debate forum is a ghost town! Try banning fewer creationists when they win debate after debate!

EvC Forum and the "fairness" of evolutionists

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