Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Edward Babinski's creation vs. evolution website has significantly lost web traffic according to Compete.com. Is he an agnostic/evolutionist destined for total obscurity?

Is Edward Babinski an agnostic failure destined to leave no legacy like the atheists Paul Kurtz, John Lotfus, Farrell Till and other atheists/agnostics? Recently, we demonstrated that global atheism/agnosticism is shrinking and that leading atheist websites were losing their global market share and/or web traffic in recent years. See: Decline of global atheism/agnosticism  and Decline of internet atheism and evolutionism articles

Let's see what the web traffic tracking company Alexa has to say about Edward Babinski's influence on the world.

Edward Babinski's website on creation vs. evolution has lost significant visitors according to the web traffic tracking company which owns Compete.com (click graph for details):

(click graph above for details)

Alexa on website on Edward Babinski's creation vs. evolution website:

Alexa on the web property Edward-t-babinski.blogspot.com


1. Is internet atheism/agnosticism/evolutionism shrinking in influence? See: Decline of internet atheism/agnosticism/evolutionism

2. Is global atheism/agnosticism shrinking and is it expected to shrink at an accelerated rate? See: Resources on the rise of global Christianity and creationism and the decline of global atheism and agnosticism 

3. Is the global shrinking of atheism/agnosticism expected to affect Western atheism/agnosticism in a significant manner in terms of adherents? See: Atheism will shrink at an accelerated rate

4. Will the shrinking of atheism make the obscure agnostic and evolutionist Edward Babinski and other obscure agnostics/evolutionists even more obscure?

5. Does Edward Babinski have a master plan to stop the rapid expansion of global Christianity and creationism and the global shrinking of atheism and agnosticism? See: Evolutionists, atheists and agnostics: What is your master plan to reverse your decline?

6. Can Edward Babinkski satisfactorily answer the 15 questions for evolutionists?

7. What proof and evidence does Edward Babinski have that agnosticism is a valid worldview?

Norman Geisler wrote:
Complete agnosticism is self-defeating; it reduces to the self-destructing assertion that "one knows enough about reality in order to affirm that nothing can be known about reality." This statement provides within itself all that is necessary to falsify itself. For if one knows something about reality, then he surely cannot affirm in the same breath that all of reality is unknowable. And of course if one knows nothing whatsoever about reality, then he has no basis whatsoever for making a statement about reality. It will not suffice to say that his knowledge about reality is purely and completely negative, that is, a knowledge of what one cannot meaningfully affirm that something is not – that it follows that total agnosticism is self-defeating because it assumes some knowledge about reality in order to deny any knowledge of reality (Geisler, Apologetics, p. 20).

The reason I ask is that biblical Christianity/creationism has an abundance of proof and evidence: Evidence for Christianity: websites, articles and videos

For more information, please see:

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