Saturday, September 29, 2012

Will New Zealand Christians help spark a revolution in anti-evolution and internet evangelism fund raising?

Earlier today, we posted on how we are working on putting together an internet evangelism and Question Evolution! Campaign grant writing team via the efforts of 1-2 big fans of Creation Ministries International (CMI) in New Zealand.  A man who obtained a previous Christian grant of $8,000 was recently sent a 5 page document about this matter. You can read about it in our post entitled Evolutionary gut feelings vs. a well funded Question Evolution! Campaign equals a lot of queasy evolutionists 

We also have another New Zealander in our Question Evolution! group and we are contacting him about this matter too. So we may have three New Zealanders working on this project. He previously mentioned that a Christian newspaper reporter in New Zealand  (NZ) was looking to report on the campaign. Should we put out  a New Zealand press release which mentions  a NZ grant writing team for a worldwide wide internet evangelism and Question Evolution! project?  Should it mention we are seeking volunteers?

Although there are 200-300 grants available at any time in America for Christian evangelism according to Christian grant expert, since the grassroots Question Evolution! Campaign  is a worldwide campaign, there is no reason why foundations and other organizations sponsoring grants in other countries should not be approached as well.

Accordingly, in addition to soliciting the help of the aforementioned New Zealand fans of CMI for putting together a grant writing team, it is certainly worthwhile to look at other grant opportunities in multiple countries.

We very much believe that developing a Christian grant writing team and a team which engages in other types of fundraising as well is going to pay significant dividends. See: Winning the creation vs. evolution war through more firepower and A creation vs. evolution fundraising arms race has begun

How did the Kiwi get to New Zealand? 

Most Kiwis are descended from immigrants from Great Britain in the late 1800's. Oh, but perhaps I should mention the New Zealand national bird instead?

Most scientists believe that flightless birds had ancestors that did fly. DNA evidence suggests that the Kiwi is related to Australia's emu and cassowary. So apparently unknown/extinct birds flew to Australia and New Zealand, then 'devolved' to eventually become the several species of flightless birds that we have today. By devolved, I mean the loss of functionality. Yes creationists believe in science, natural section, and speciation - that may surprise some creation deniers!

But it is possible that these birds never had ancestors that flew; in which case how did they get here?

One possiblity is via large masses of floating mats of vegetation created during Noah's Flood.

An alternative hypothesis, is that the kiwi walked here via landbridges during the ice age, when sea levels were much lower. This seems unlikely due to the (currently) very deep sea floor of the Tasman Sea.

‘Moa’s Ark’ vs Noah’s Ark (Aug 2010)
Mysterious Madagascar (Jun 2010)

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