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Two challenges to the dwindling fan base of atheist Farrell "forgotten" Till

The atheist Farrell Till was recently given the moniker Farrell "forgotten" Till by the Christian apologist James Patrick Holding.

Below I have a web traffic tracking graph from illustrating how quickly forgotten many atheists and their "scholarship" is forgotten. Mr. Internet Atheist Evangelist, please keep this graph  in mind next you feel tempted to post some foolish tripe on the internet.  In addition, I have two challenges to the dwindling fan base of atheist Farrell "forgotten" Till.

Till specialized in alleging the Bible is supposedly riddled with errors and contractions. Many atheists and other Bible skeptics spuriously claim this due to their poor grasp of the Bible exegesis process and their illogical processes of evaluating historical claims (see debate challenge below).

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia founded by the atheist Jimmy Wales and the agnostic Larry Sanger. In recent times, the English version of Wikipedia has had declining web visits, a shrinking editor base and it is expected that the website Quorum will be Wikipedia's worst nightmare.

An excerpt from the Wikipedia article on Farrell Till:
John Farrell Till, (born on April 26, 1933) and known commonly as Farrell Till, was the editor of the formerly published Skeptical Review and is a prominent debater against Christianity and Biblical inerrancy in particular, having published several critical articles of the inerrancy subject as well as skeptical examinations of other Biblical interpretations.
You will soon see by the graph below that Farrell Till is not "known commonly" and he is not a prominent debater. The Wikipedia article was last edited on June 1, 2012.  Apparently, it was edited by one of Till's few remaining atheist fans who desperately wish to reject biblical authority.

A less flattering description of Farrell Till and his lack of a substantial legacy is given in JP Holding's article Farrell Forgotten.

Also, I also give web traffic tracking data for the website to show that the classic Bible commentator work of Matthew Henry and Robert Jamieson, A. R. Fausset and David Brown  is still capturing sizable public interest. Of course, there are many Bible tools websites so this is just a sliver of the public's interest.

Web traffic of Farrel "forgotten" Till's website the Skeptical Review for the last 12 months according to Compete

Web traffic of for the last 12 months according to Compete

Two challenges to the dwindling fan base of atheist Farrell "forgotten" Till

1. Please give us your very best example of a supposed Bible contradiction. No doubt your "best example" can easily shown to be extremely poor - especially given the vast amount of sound evidence supporting the Bible. When presenting your case, please demonstrate that you followed the Bible exegesis procedure given in the web article Basic rules of New Testament Bible exegesis (Although Fee was a New Testament scholar these rules could easily be applied to the Old Testament as well).

If you do not demonstrate that you followed the basic rules of Bible exegesis in your blog post comment(s), your comment(s) will not be published.

Farrel Till to my knowledge never posited a "best example" of an alleged Bible contradition. If he had it would have been very embarrassing to him as a Christian apologist would have shown how utterly weak it was relative the evidence supporting the Bible's truthfulness.

2. Accept our 15 questions for evolutionists debate challenge. You can set up an oral debate which will be recorded and distributed to over 20,000 individuals via our free chat room: Our free chat room

"Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away." - Jesus

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