Saturday, September 8, 2012

TalkOrigins Archive: Talk is cheap and evolutionist propaganda is stale and boring

One of the most popular articles on our blog is the article: How stale and boring is evolutionary indoctrination? Is the public fooled or are they suspicious? What is the trend?

Web traffic of TalkOrigins Archive

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Conpete: TalkOrigins Archive web traffic from 7/2011 to 7/2012

Alexa: TalkOrigins Archive

Wine vs. evolutionary speculation and propaganda

Stored under the right conditions, wine tastes better with the passage of time. Apparently, evolutionary speculation and evolutionary propaganda do not age well in the information age.

One of my favorite article at the Creation Ministries International website is the article: The evolutionary parade of ‘missing links’: The floats keep changing!

Question Evolution! Campaign resources and other resources:

Refuting evolution

Question Evolution! Campaign

15 questions for evolutionists

Responses to the 15 Questions: part 1 - Questions 1-3

Responses to the 15 Questions: part 2 - Questions 4–8

Responses to the 15 Questions: part 2 - Questions 9-15

15 Questions Evolutionist STILL cannot answer

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