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Evolutionary gut feelings vs. a well funded Question Evolution! Campaign equals a lot of queasy evolutionists

On Friday, September 28, 2012, a 5 page document was sent to a Christian in New Zealand who successfully obtained an $8,000 Christian grant in the past with about 15-20 hours of grant writing work. He is a big fan of the work of Creation Ministries International and his friend is too. His friend, who also lives in New Zealand, is an active supporter of Christian evangelism and he may get involved in the grant writing too. Today, he is going to approach his friend concerning this matter. 

The document was about putting together a grant writing team for internet evangelism and the Question Evolution! Campaign its 15 questions for evolutionists. See: Internet evangelism is powerful especially when combined with creation evangelism

Will Christians in New Zealand help spark a revolution in the funding of anti-evolutionary efforts in the world? 

Evolutionary gut feelings vs. a well funded Question evolution! campaign

In January of 2012, the Journal of Research in Science Teaching published a study indicating that evolutionary belief is significantly based on gut feelings. A January 20, 2012 article entitled Belief in Evolution Boils Down to a Gut Feeling published by the website Live Science wrote of the research: "They found that intuition had a significant impact on what the students accepted, no matter how much they knew and regardless of their religious beliefs." See: Evolutionary gut feelings, "Belief in Evolution Boils Down to a Gut Feeling"

We believe that a well funded Question Evolution! Campaign which disseminates the 15 questions for evolutionists will have a significant effect on "evolutionary gut feelings". There is going to be a lot of evolutionists with stomach aches!

In the past, Christians have raised millions to promote biblical creation and an enormous amount on Christian evangelism. At any given time, there are 200-300 Christian grants for evangelism in the United States. We strongly believe that developing a Christian grant writing team and a team which engages in other types of fundraising as well is going to pay significant dividends. See: Winning the creation vs. evolution war through more firepower and A creation vs. evolution fundraising arms race has begun

One of the members of our group is interested in obtaining a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) certification.The biblical creation cause is an excellent cause and it deserves to be very well funded in order to carry out its work. 

The soft underbelly of Darwinism and the importance of sustained and aggressive efforts

Due to the rapid rise of biblical Christianity and creationism in the world and a recent Gallup poll indicating the creationism has grown in the last year or so in the United States, we firmly believe that the the evolutionary community has a soft underbelly and we are going to relentlessly pummel the soft underbelly of Darwinism.

A boxing fan recently wrote:
Despite all of the highlight reel type knockout’s you get with headshots in boxing, I’ve always been a much bigger fan of body shots—I truly believe that they are the most effective punch in boxing. Unless you are a huge, concussive puncher, not too many head punches have a devastating effect; a correctly delivered body punch may not knock your opponent out, but if you can leave him winded and breathless, it leaves you in a much better position to land more head shots, as your opponents hands suddenly come down to protect their ribs, fearful of another crunching shot to the body.
Body shots may not always deliver a knockout blow, but over time they do wear an opponent out and can cause him to collapse due to sheer debility and exhaustion.  Astute observers can already see that evolutionism has shaky legs and that it will inevitably hit the mat. Around the 1970s, prominent evolutionists lost hundreds of debates at colleges, universities and other public places.  As a result, they are now like timid little bunnies who are afraid to publicly debate.

We thought about delivering head shots to evolutionism/atheism, but unthinking evolutionists have no plan to stop the global decline of atheism/agnosticism and the rise of biblical Christianity/creationism which is expected to effect the West.  See: Evolutionists, atheists and agnostics: Where is your master plan to reverse your decline?

The queasy Mr. Darwin and his evolutionary gut feelings

For the last 45 years of Charles Darwin's life, he had an illness which often made him queasy. The 1992 New Encyclopedia Britannica declared that Charles Darwin's illness was psychogenic in origin (A psychogenic illness is one that originates in the mind or in mental condition).

Creation Ministries International has a few articles on this matter:

Charles Darwin’s mystery illness

Did you know? Darwin’s mystery illness

A 1997 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association declared concerning Darwin's illness that the "variable intensity of symptoms and chronic, prolonged course without physical deterioration also indicate that his illness was psychiatric." In addition, a journal article in the American Journal of Medicine indicated that Darwin suffered from "psychoneurosis provoked and exaggerated by his evolutionary ideas". The American Journal of Medicine article also indicated that Darwin's wife, Emma, greatly disapproved of his evolutionist ideas and "This, facsimile of public reaction, must have kept lively his anxiety and torment".

Charles Darwin who suffered from neurosis due to his evolutionary gut feelings and doubts often suffered from these medical symptoms: palpitations, shortness of breathe ("air fatigues" ), light headedness ("head swimming" ), trembling, crying, dying sensations, abdominal distress, and depersonalization ("treading on air and vision"), nausea, severe vomiting, flatulence, alimentary canal pain, various forms of eruption of the skin, and nervous exhaustion.

 Richard Milner wrote about Darwin's illness in the 2002 issue of Scientific American in an article entitled, "Putting Darwin in his Place" which indicated that Darwin clipped, catalogued and indexed hundreds of offprints, about 350 reviews and 1,600 articles, as well as satires, parodies and Punch caricatures, with which he filled hefty scrapbooks". After Charles Lyell published a very weak endorsement of Darwin's Antiquity of Man, Milner wrote that "Darwin's disappointment brought on 10 days of vomiting, faintness and stomach distress."

In a letter to the editor in the April 23/30 1997 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association Dr. Colp wrote: "I believe that Darwin's illness consisted of panic disorder (without agoraphobia), psychosomatic skin disorder, and possibly Chagras disease of the stomach." Dr. Colp also mentioned that Darwin had facial eczema that often was caused by controversies over his evolutionist ideas.

Evolutionists and an ulcer epidemic

We are putting out a medical advisory to evolutionists. Due to an upcoming epidemic of ulcers among the evolutionists community who believe in evolution due to evolutionary gut feelings and have their evolutionary notions increasingly challenged, the promoters of the Question Evolution! Campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists are going to be referred to by medical doctors as "carriers" of ulcers among evolutionists.

We highly suggest you abandon your rebellion to biblical authority and your evolutionary gut feelings and become believers in biblical creation now before its too late.

We know why dogmatic evolutionists promote evolutionary pseudoscience:  Why is evolution pushed by dogmatic evolutionists?

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