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Did an attempt to revive EvoWiki's web traffic fail? Is Google Panda mauling EvoWiki, Talk.Origins and atheist websites?

If you look at the recent data from the web traffic tracking company Compete given in the graph below, one can certainly ask oneself, "Did an attempt revive EvoWiki's web traffic fail?"

It certainly looks like EvoWiki is on its last legs! Click the graph below to see how few unique visitors are visiting the site according to The website traffic tracking company Compete reported that as of August 20, 2012, EvoWiki had only 771 unique visitors a month.

EvoWiki is an archived wiki.  They must know that nobody wants to edit EvoWiki. It is like an ugly and mangy puppy that nobody wants to play with. Can you blame them for choosing to archive it and keep it archived? Evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer the 15 questions for evolutionists of the Question Evolution! Campaign. So getting editors to edit EvoWiki would be a tremendously hard sell.

In addition, see what Alexa has to say about the website EvoWiki:

Also, watch the videos below to see how flustered and ineffective evolutionists are when it comes to the 15 questions for evolutionists. It is very embarrassing for evolutionists. I ALMOST feel sorry for them. Notice I said ALMOST!

First, we found out that Talk.Origins Archive, and internet atheism as a whole are failing. And now we find out that EvoWiki is failing too. See: Decline of internet atheism and internet evolutionism

Is EvoWiki, evolutionism and atheism being mauled?

And to top it all off, Google rolled out a new update to their algorithm called the Panda Update that is punishing websites that are thin on useful, informative and fresh content.

If you look at the graph above, it looks like Google Panda may be mauling EvoWiki. Is evolutionary propaganda non-informative and deadly boring to the Google bots and Google's human website reviewers?  It seems so! Either that or the public is finding out more and more that evolutionism and atheism are useless! See: How stale and boring is evolutionary propaganda?

Remember the young men who got mauled by bears for giving the prophet Elisha a hard time? History may be repeating itself! I am rooting for Google Panda! If you are mauling EvoWiki, Talk.Origins Archive and various other atheist/evolutionist websites Google Panda, keep at it!

EvoWiki, TalkOrigins Archive, and internet atheism mock the prophet Moses and the science supporting Genesis with their evobabble and now they are being mauled through lack of public interest and/or Google Panda. We are seriously thinking of adopting Google Panda  as our Question Evolution! Campaign group mascot!

On the other hand, interest in Jesus, Christianity and creationism are growing in the world even in places like secular France and Europe! See: Rise of creationism and global Christianity

The mauling of evolutionary belief and atheism has just started

Want to see more mauling of evolutionism, atheism and agnosticism? Want to get some licks in yourself?

The widespread distribution phase of the Question Evolution! Campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists has officially begun. We want to increase creation evangelism in the world by at least 400%. That is heck of a lot of additional mauling, isn't it? A Question Evolution! grizzly bear is going to rip evolutionary belief to shreds and then gobble it up.

Evolutionary simply cannot withstand a full bore grassroots anti-evolution campaign in the public square. No liberal evolutionist court judge can protect evolutionary belief on the internet, in public spaces in local communities, in churches, in Bible clubs and in private homes. We have a person who has successfully raised money for a ministry wanting to engage in fundraising to help us too! Yes, we are going from victory to victory while Darwinism is going from one humbling defeat to another.

Are you left handed? We need some southpaws to help us give evolutionary belief some right jabs and left hooks. Come on southpaws, it's time to maul evolutionism! If Google Panda can maul evolutionism and atheism with its paws, you can help us maul evolutionism with your left and right paws! Make no mistake, we are going to mercilessly pummel evolutionary belief until its down on the mat.

Get involved in the Question Evolution! Campaign! If God could use the young man David and Balaam's donkey, He can certainly use you! Get involved today.

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