Sunday, September 30, 2012

EvC Forum and the "fairness" of evolutionists

We recently did a series of post on the creation vs. evolution debating forum EvC forum.  EvC Forum is a forum which has banned creationist after they won debate after debate. As a result, their website traffic has plunged and the forum is a ghost town (see the graphs below).

And we know that believers in biblical creation easily win debates with evolutionists.  Around the 1970s, prominent evolutionists lost hundreds of debates at colleges, universities and other public places.  As a result, they are now like timid little bunnies who are afraid to publicly debate.

You can read these previous posts at:

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The hamsters of evolutionary belief spin wildly on their wheels, but they are going nowhere

I just read this EvC Forum post by someone with the username of Bolder-dash about the apparent owner of EvC forum who goes by the username Percy and it made me laugh:
Gee percy, h0w's about we add up the duration of all those little suspensions that you apply so fairly.
Let's see:
All evolutionists suspensions added up equals to 26 days and 4 hours.
All creationists suspensions add up to-1 month plus 6 weeks plus 13 days, plus two indefinitely! Oh and let's not forget, I am suspended indefinitely from the biology forums and buzz is suspended indefinitely from science forums, and I am probably missing some other hidden suspensions.
Oh, and since creationists make up a tiny portion of all the posters on your site, that pretty much blows your whole attempt to even try to compare the suspensions of creationists to evolutionists to smithereens. Its not even close Percy.
Do you have cognitive dissonance?

Internet atheism and evolutionism is one big hamster wheel 

Would you like to see how internet atheism and evolutionism is one big hamster wheel?  Examine the resource below:

Decline of internet atheism articles

EvC Forum - Web traffic tracking graph from for the period from 7/2011 to 7/2012:

(click graph above to see details of the graph)

EvC Forum - Web traffic tracking graph from Alexa:

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  1. "As a result, they are now like timid little bunnies who are afraid to publicly debate."

    Biologists don't waste their time debating biology deniers because that would be like debating a flat-earther. Nothing is accomplished.

    In any case evolution does not need defending because it's a basic scientific fact.

    I suggest instead of wasting time trying to find poor excuses to deny reality, you should educate yourself instead. Just google "evidence evolution". It won't kill you to try to understand why everyone laughs at people like you.

    By the way, biologists are called "biologists", not "evolutionists".

    1. Human Ape,

      1. First of all, you username "Human Ape" is an oxymoron. If you doubt me, ask the department of motor vehicles in your locale if animals are allowed to have driver's licenses

      2. You are creating a false dilemna.

      There are biologists who are creationists. For example, Duane Gish.

      700 scientists have joined the ranks of scientists from around the world publicly stating their doubts about the adequacy of Darwin's theory of evolution. See:

      In although belief in evolution is much higher among those who have been indoctrinated with it in university, there are still over 100,000 scientists world-wide who reject the evolutionary explanation. And this is despite widespread suppression of alternative views and even efforts to deny believers of alternative views positions in academia. See:

      The reason I said over 100,000 is due to the widespread persecution of scientists who have dissented from Darwinism documented the movie documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Involved and other sources.


      Also, there have been cases where the scientific consensus was wrong and the Bible was correct. See: and

      Are you willing to have a debate centered around the
      15 questions for evolutionists
      via a recorded oral debate which would be distributed to tens of thousands of people.

      If you are confident in your evolutionary beliefs, please make the necessary arrangements via this free chat room:,89538844 You can make the necessary arrangements with the chat room moderators Shockofgod or VivaYehshua. Alternatively, you can email Shockofgod via his YouTube email at

      If you want to know more about the debate, any and all questions should be directed to Shockofgod or VivaYehshua

      There will be no future communication with you via this blog until you accept this debate offer and carry through with the debate.


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