Monday, May 28, 2012

Round 2: Jesus vs. Evolution and PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins - Jesus triumphs again! Onward Christian soldiers!

Two important questions:

1. So how is interest in Jesus compared to interest in the evolutionists Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers in terms of growing or declining interest?

2.Has interest in the so called "theory of evolution" increased in the last 5 years or dropped?

With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.

Google Insights for Search Trends

1. Jesus - Google Insights for Search

2. Web traffic to in terms of global market share according to the web traffic tracking company Alexa:

3. Agnostic and evolutionist Richard Dawkins - unique visitors a month - 4/2011 to 4/2012

4. Atheist and evolutionist PZ Myers - Google Insights for Search:

5. Google Trends for the search evolution

As can be seen in the upper graph of the Google Trends graphs below, people are showing less and less and less interest in "evolution" during the period from 2004-2011:

As you can see in the upper graph of Google Trends graphs above, the public is showing less and less interest in evolution.

Granted there are products which incorporate the word "evolution" in their title so we will take a look at the searches theory of evolution, evolutionary theory and evolution using the service Google Insights for Search also.

5. Theory of evolution, Google Insights for Search:

It also seems as if the evolutionists are having a hard time convincing people that evolution is a bona fide scientific theory.

6. Evolutionary theory, Google Insights for Search:

7. Evolution, Google Insights for Search:

Question evolution! campaign in June of 2012

1. Texas

In the next 5 days we will be talking to a fervent and well-connected Texas opponent of Darwinism who has examined the Question Evolution! Campaign and he is interested in hearing more and discussing the possibilities. We have a list of 500 Texas churches and their contact information which we will use in our second phase of Texas outreach.

Texas is a key state when it comes to buying science textbooks for schools because they buy so many and have a significant effect on the United States textbook market. See our previous post: Reporting on the initial phase of our Question Evolution! Campaign group's outreach for Texas

2. United States and Canada

In the latter part of May 0f 2012 and for the full month of June 2012, our Question Evolution! Campaign group is going to begin a major outreach in the United States and Canada.

Help spread the word about Question Evolution! Campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists and watch the decline of interest in the shallow foolishness of Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers further accelerate.

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Cutting off the air supply of atheism

Unlike Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers, Jesus is a friend worth having!

Please enjoy the song What a Friend We Have in Jesus by the gospel singer Alan Jackson:

Onward Christian soldiers!

Also, Question Evolution! Campaign supporters enjoy the classic song Onward Christian Soldiers:

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