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Resources on the rise of global Christianity and creationism and the decline of global atheism and agnosticism

We published a number of articles on the rise of global Christianity and creationism and the decline of global atheism and agnosticism.

Below are the key resources for our readers published by ourselves and by secular sources:


Globally the worldviews of atheism and non-religious (agnostic) are declining while global Christianity is exploding in adherents

News service reports reports that religious affiliation is seeing a marked global resurgence. Global atheism and agnosticism have been shrinking since 2000 

Why are 2012 and 2020 key years for Christian creationists and pro-lifers?

Comprehensive look at the decline of evolutionism, atheism and agnosticism plus growth of Christianity/creationism

British academic Eric Kaufmann says "the rate of secularisation has flattened to zero in most of Protestant Europe and France". Also, Kaufmann writes that secularism "appears exhausted and lacking in confidence"

Will future historians see May through August of 2011 as being a major turning point in the Christianity vs. atheism/Darwinism culture war

The 2004 to 2007 publicity campaign for atheism was not sustainable. Public interest is not coming back
Scholarship relating to global atheism and agnosticism shrinking and the growth of Christianity plus additional related information

Decline of internet atheism

Decline of internet atheism articles

European biblical creationism and evangelicalism

A collection of our articles on European creationism

American biblical creationism growing

American young earth creationism increased in recent months - Gallup survey

China and Christianity, atheism and creationism
World's biggest atheist population about to see a big decline

Conservative church growth and decline of liberal churches

Why Conservative Churches Are Growing: David Brooks and the Limits of Sociology

Global resurgence of religion

Historical overview:

2,000 years of Christian Increase - Investigator Magazine, article by a Christian

Global resurgence of religion

Shall the Righteous Inherit the Earth? Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century  - Academic paper by Eric Kaufmann - secular academic

God's partisans are back  - The Chronicle Review, 2011 - secular article

Desecularization: A Conceptual Framework  by Vyacheslav Karpov, 2010, Journal of Church and State

American faith: A work in progress by Stephen Prothero - 2011, USA Today - failure of New Atheism

The return of religion  by Douglas S. Winnail - Tomorrow's World Magazine, 2005 - Christian magazine

Is their a global resurgence of religion - Pew Forum, 2006


Is there a global resurgence of religion? by Assaf Moghadan, 2003 paper published by Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University

Class of Civilizations by Peter L. Berger, Samuel P. Huntington, Foreign Affairs. Summer 1993, v72, n3, p22(28)

The Desecularization of the World and the Church's Great Opportunity - Mark Pohlman, 2010 - Crosstalk

Shall the righteous inherit the earth  - book by Eric Kaufmann - Amazon

Failure of secularization theory

Secularization theory falsified by Peter L. Berger, First Things, February 2008

Rethinking Secularization: A Conversation with Peter Berger - Albert Mohler Jr. , October 11, 2010

Global Christianity, global critique

Secularization vs. De-secularization: Are we losing faith?  - 2008 Bethany College paper by a Christian

Secularization: Is it inevitable? by Dr John Coffey, 2001

Growth of global Christianity 

The Next Christendom: : The Coming of Global Christianity  - 2008, Review of Philip Jenkins book

Is Islam Really the Second-Fastest Growing Religion? 

Faith and Conflict: The Global Rise of Christianity by Pew Research Center 

Christianity taking over planet? 

The stunning growth of Christianity in China 

The African apostles: How Christianity exploded in 20th-century Africa

Reviews of poor studies 

Research shows a significant amount of American nondenominational church members are checking "unaffiliated" or "no religion" on surveys

Methodological flaws in 2012 WIN/Gallup survey on global atheism and global religiousity


Decline of atheism video

Eric Kaufmann: Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth? - Australian public television

Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?

Eric Kaufmann - Demography and religion/secularism

Dr. Peter Berger on Religion & Modernity

Peter Berger on Secularism and Relativism

Global Christianity videos

Related resources:

Question Evolution! Campaign

15 questions for evolutionists

Responses to the 15 Questions: part 1 - Questions 1-3

Responses to the 15 Questions: part 2 - Questions 4–8

Responses to the 15 Questions: part 2 - Questions 9-15

Refuting evolution


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