Friday, May 24, 2013

World's most popular site devoted to atheism/agnosticism sees a massive loss of global market share according to Alexa. Also, new Question Evolution! group leader expected to be installed in June of 2013

The website is the most popular web property devoted solely to atheism/agnosticism.  It is a collection of atheist/agnostic bloggers. According to Alexa, it has seen a massive loss of global market share in 2013. Meanwhile, Time magazine reports that conservative theological Christianity is booming in the world: Orthodoxy is winning in the world

Another group leader will be installed in our Question evolution! group in June of 2013

Our Question Evolution! Campaign group decided today that we will have creation evangelism group leaders be over about 20 volunteers and then make any adjustments that are necessary. See: Volunteer group size and leadership  We want to install a new leader in June of 2013 and we picked someone out as a good candidate as he is going into creation vs. evolution ministry full time in 2013.

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