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Reducing global evolutionary belief through the wide distribution of Question Evolution! material in multiple languages

Imagine the effects of  Question Evolution! Campaign  material being translated into multiple languages and widely distributed across the globe.  Such material would not only have a devastating effect on global evolutionary belief, but it could also further unite creationists around the world.

Next, picture in your mind a Christian ministry which trains Christian film makers and the effect they could have at reaching the world through Christian film and video.  You don't have to imagine too hard as the Christian News Wire service just released a story titled Makers of 'The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment' DVD Launch Ministry to Train Filmmakers

The ministry they launched is called the Advent Filmmakers' Center for Training and Discipleship. Also, Web Video University often gives out 47 quality free sample web video courses.  There is no reason why more supporters of the Question Evolution! Campaign cannot learn video and film making skills - especially with ministries like the Advent Film Makers' Center. 

Pretty exciting stuff, isn't it? We know it would have a significant  effect since evolutionists cannot effectively answer the 15 questions for evolutionists.

Contemplate the impact of a quality Question Evolution! Campaign material being translated into Spanish, German, Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Dutch, various other languages spoken in Europe and other languages in the world as well. Do the same for more and more free Question Evolution! videos coming out which could be dubbed into other languages.

I spoke to a Chinese Pastor who is a big fan of Creation Ministries International and he was extremely excited about the idea of a anti-evolution material being distributed in China. He suggested many ways it could be widely disseminated such as the internet and via Chinese Christian college students studying in America. Not many people know this, but Chinese Christianity exploding across China was sparked by Chinese college students studying in the United States who became Christians and then returned to China.

Large negative impact of a Darwinian book being translated into Chinese

One of the most popular articles on our website is the article World's biggest atheist population about to see a big decline which discusses how biblical Christianity is spreading like wildfire in the Chinese countryside and  in Chinese cities. With China conceivably having the majority of the world's atheists, Chinese Christian evangelism is on its way to desolate the world atheist population through atheists converting to Christianity.

Consider this:

Yan Fu (1854-1921), a famous Chinese intellectual, was the first to introduce Darwinian ideas to China. He is well-known for his 1808 translation of Thomas Huxley's Evolution and Ethics, which sparked the dissemination of evolutionary ideas in China. Also, his work had a profound social impact due to Darwinism helping to spawn the murderous ideology of Chinese atheistic communism.

Two important questions:

1. Given the rapid rise of Christianity in China, couldn't material which rips apart evolutionary quackery which is widely distributed significantly speed up the Christianization of China?

2. Given the fast growth of global Christianity and the quickly growing trend of internet evangelism, isn't it likely it could have a significant impact in other countries as well - especially where biblical Christianity is already rapidly growing?

Christianity has become much more of a global religion in recent years. Also, English is spoken by many people in the world. In addition, many people are immigrating to various parts of the Western World plus there are many foreign college students who study in the West.

Accelerating the growth of global creationism

Creationism is exploding across the world due to the rise of global Christianity and immigration. In 2005, there were four times as many non-Western Christians as there were Western World Christians. Currently, there are more non-Western missionaries than Western missionaries.

Creationism is currently rapidly exploding across the world in multiple languages thanks to the dedicated work of Bible translators.

Yet, to my knowledge there has never been an anti-evolution booklet/book widely distributed across the globe in multiple languages.The time to fix this situation is now.

Creating anti-evolution fires around the world

The famous Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu said: What is essential in war is victory, not prolonged operations."

In order to crush Darwinism in the fast manner possible, innovation and radical measures are needed. The strategies of widely distributing  high quality anti-evolution e-books and video are certainly powerful methods among many that can be used to accelerate the growth of global creationism. Such strategies can create fires of opposition to Darwinism all around the world and burn up the wood, hay and stubble of evolutionary beliefs.

Given that there are many trends in the creationist communities favor and that more and more evidence is stacking up against Darwinism, Christian creationists need to strike while the iron is hot and pursue some radical measures to crush Darwinism in the quickest manner possible. Evolutionary pseudoscience is unnecessarily hindering Christian evangelism in various parts of the world. While it is true that creationism is growing in many places in the world such as the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, there is a lot of room for making the collapse of evolutionary belief occur sooner in the world.

Due to many factors, recent developments and trends happening worldwide, Darwinism is destined to lose its war with creationism.

For example, the Birkbeck College, University of London professor Eric Kaufmann using a multitude of demographic studies argues in an academic paper entitled Shall the Righteous Inherit the Earth? Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century the decline of atheism/agnosticism in terms of its global adherents is an established trend that will persist for the foreseeable future and the rate of decline will accelerate and affect the Western World. Professor Kaufmann declared to a secular Australian audience: "The trends that are happening worldwide inevitably in an age of globalization are going to affect us."

Since atheists and agnostics are the most dogmatic defenders of evolutionism, this is going to have an effect on Darwinism. See: Why are the years 2012 and 2020 key years for Christian creationists and pro-lifers?

Christian volunteers, we want you!

Are you a Christian looking for a volunteer opportunity? Help spread the word about the 15 questions for evolutionists of the Question Evolution! Campaign

Your efforts can speed up Christian evangelism around the world be removing the needless stumbling block of evolutionary deception. 

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Refuting evolution

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