Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Third gear of the Question Evolution! campaign - Hang on tight!

I'll admit it. I love fast cars. My first car was described by the automobile manufacturer as a "car that is exciting to drive" that will "turn heads".

In general, I love things that are fast. I even tend to move fast in everyday life. On more than one occasion, patrons of stores have seen me walk quickly to the cash register, assumed I was in a hurry and invited me to go ahead of them in line.

I am not alone in being a lover of fast cars and speediness in general. Inexpensive sports cars are zooming out of American car dealers this summer.

Question Evolution! Campaign is going into third gear!

The 3 gears/stages of the Question Evolution! Campaign:

1. Beta stage

The first gear stage of the grassroots Question Evolution! Campaign was the beta stage. A stage where people's feedback is considered and improvements are made. For example, some people want some of the questions 15 questions for evolutionists reworded plus want the questions divided into basic questions, additional questions and advanced questions. People have given other helpful suggestions as well and no doubt these suggestions will be implemented.

2. Grassroots supporters developing Question Evolution! materials

The second gear stage of the Question Evolution! Campaign is to have supporters of the campaign create more materials for the campaign. Of course, the first two stages which involve making changes and developing additional material will continue and be on ongoing process.

3. Large scale dissemination of the Question Evolution! Campaign

If you have not guessed already the "third gear" stage of the Question Evolution! Campaign is absolutely going to be my favorite stage of the campaign. It is going to be YouTube Christian and motorcycle enthusiast Shockofgod's favorite stage as well as he likes going "full throttle". If you haven't seen the video "My challenge to atheists and evolutionists" which has over 13,000 views and is featured below, I would definitely recommend watching it.

In the third gear stage of our group's Question Evolution! efforts, which officially starts today, our efforts to recruit more volunteers and/or more widely disseminate the campaign via other methods is going to move faster and faster and faster until it moves as fast as a cheetah pursues a gazelle. God designed the cheetah so it can move at 70 and 75 mph (112 and 120 km/h). The cheetah is able to go from 0 to over 62 mph (100 km/h) in three seconds. Creationists, the time for stalking evolutionary quackery is over. It's time to move in for the kill!

One of the great thing about of this stage of the campaign and something that will make it very effective, is that more and more Christians will be inoculated against evolutionary pseudoscience plus more and more evolutionists will be challenged with the 15 questions for evolutionists via our fellow creationists.

By the way, when is the "race team" of Richard Dawkins going to trade in their beat up evolutionist jalopy for a creationist muscle car

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