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Are the atheist, agnostic and evolutionist communities lacking in innovativeness and powerful ideas?

Are the atheist, agnostic and evolutionist communities pushing a bunch of drab and faulty ideas? Also, do they promote these ideas in an uncreative manner aided by the secular media whose market share is slipping?

Given their inability to satisfactorily answer the 15 questions for evolutionists of the Question Evolution! Campaign and the various evidences for Christianity, we know they have faulty ideas.

I wrote an article entitled More proof and evidence that atheists and/or evolutionists are media hyped windbags who spout drivel which began to explore these issues and I encourage you to read it.

On June 20, 2012 the website God Discussions published an article entitled Richard Dawkins Foundation launches beta website to promote secular values

The God Discussion article declared:
When it comes to separation of church and state issues and promoting reason over religious dogma, the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science's new website, Innovating for a secular world, promises to deliver a powerful punch for activists and those interested in learning more about the issues.

Is the website "Innovating for a secular world" defunct?

I clicked the link for the website "Innovating for a secular world" given in the God Discussion article and the website seems to have disappeared (if the website moved there was no URL redirect). I also tried to find the website via Richard Dawkins main website where it used to be prominently featured and I couldn't find it. If the website exist anymore, I would like to know where.

Richard Dawkins, the New Atheism and American atheism

New Atheism is a new form of militant atheism which started in the period between 2004 and 2007. Richard Dawkins was one of the most prominent founders of this movement. The New Atheism movement has not had much of an impact in terms of gaining new adherents to atheism. In a March 10, 2008 USA Today article Stephen Prothero wrote:
Numbers lie, but they also tell tales untrustworthy and otherwise. So the key question stirring around the much discussed U.S Religious Landscape Survey released in late February by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life is what tale does it state about the state of the union.

For some, the story of this survey, based on interviews in multiple languages with more than 35,000 adults, is the strength of American Religion.

Not too long ago, I wrote that American atheism was going the way of the freak show. As books by Christopher Hitchens and other "new atheists" climbed the best seller lists, I caught a lot of flak for that prophecy. But atheist make up only 1.6% of respondents to this survey....
Also, below is the web traffic of the main website of Richard Dawkins:

Some questions

1. If the website "Innovating for a secular world" which promised to deliver a powerful punch disappeared, does this mean that Richard Dawkins is not innovative?

2. Did Richard Dawkins ever have a powerful punch?

3. If he had a powerful punch, has he lost it?

4. Since Richard Dawkins is a prominent spokesperson of evolutionary belief relative to other evolutionists, does this mean that atheists, agnostics and evolutionists aren't very innovative?

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