Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is global atheism really on the rise or is it declining? Plus, our agenda for future articles

Is global atheism and agnosticism declining or increasing?

One of the world's survey companies recently claimed global atheism is one the rise. Although we will be addressing this issue more in depth in a subsequent post, the article GLOBAL ATHEISM ON THE RISE--REALLY? by Nigel Tomes is a good start.

Also, be sure to read this entire blog post as we have some exciting blog posts coming up that you definitely will not want to miss.

One of the issues we will focus on in an upcoming article is the growth of Christianity in China. For example, we will discuss the house church movement in China. In the meantime, we suggest reading this article: Christianity gaining popularity in China. Of course, what happens in China has a big effect on global atheism due to its large population and the fact that it has an atheistic communist regime.

Recent articles on this blog

In recent posts, we have been discussing:

1. Various present and upcoming initiatives for the Question Evolution! Campaign and its dissemination of the 15 questions for evolutionists

2. Global atheism and agnosticism shrinking in adherents and global market share. Also, we have discussed various present and initiatives to increase the pace of these ideologies shrinking.

You can read some of these posts here: Down with evolutionary belief! Down with atheism! Hurray for the Question Evolution! Campaign!

Decline of global atheism video

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  1. Yeah, the poll was really awful. It's not actually Gallup (the organization in Washington DC) who did the survey. There's a disclaimer at the bottom of some of the pages that tell you that they have no relation. Anyway, the poll found that women and people in their middle ages to be the most atheistic. I have never seen a domestic or international poll that showed that. Plus, as Nigel Tomes said, the sample sizes were way too small.

    1. It appear as if the Gallup Inc. organization is in a lawsuit with WIN/Gallup International. I am rooting for Gallup Inc. as I thought that was a shoddy survey.


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