Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A growing realization that atheists are heading towards hell and that atheism is doomed

There appears to be a growing realization that atheists are heading towards hell and that atheism is doomed. The atheist blog aggregator The Damned featured our recent article A larger wave of Christian backlash against atheism

A fellow Christian and creationist recently told us:
A scared atheist pretended that he/she wasn't worried about the Gordon Conwell statistics, Eric Kaufmann, etc but asked an atheist "expert" to "debunk" QuestionEvolution anyway. The expert attempted to debunk the information on your page but failed miserably...

We have written this so called "expert" and given him our collection of articles with data indicating that global atheism and global agnosticism are in decline and this decline will accelerate. See: Comprehensive information about decline of global atheism, agnosticism and evolution and growth of global Christianity and creationism We will see what his response is.

As far as his education and credentials, the "expert" (who is an atheist) says he has a "BS in Physics and Mathematics" and has "very little formal training in ... sociology". In addition, he is pursuing a Ph.D in Physics. Needless to say, it will child's play to debunk his "expert" advice.

"What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease." - Sun Tzu

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English: Saint Michael parish church in Untergriesbach. Fresco at the ceiling: Last Judgment( 1780 ) by Johann Georg Unruhe - Damned souls going to hell.
Deutsch: Pfarrkirche St. Michael in Untergriesbach. Vierungsfresco: Jüngstes Gericht( 1780 ) von Johann Georg Unruhe - Verdammte fahren zur Hölle.
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