Saturday, August 25, 2012

Combating evolutionary indoctrination in schools and reaching more young people with biblical creation

Since combating the evolutionary indoctrination of young people in schools will be an extremely important component of the Question Evolution! Campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists, I thought I would organize the articles in a post so people can more readily refer to these articles.

School Bible clubs and creation clubs

Bible clubs in schools and alliances with Question Evolution! campaign supporters

The high price of NOT asking the 15 Questions for Evolutionists in your classroom

Starting a creation club in your school


Dinosaurs education for young people

Growing number of anti-evolution education laws will accelerate

What is causing more anti-evolution education laws to be passed in America? Will creationism friendly laws be introduced in Europe within a generation?

Proliferation of creation friendly schooling will increase

Anti-evolution religious private schooling and homeschooling will see big growth worldwide

Importance of reaching young people before the evolutionists do

Creation Ministries International is inoculating young people against Darwinism. Let's break the back of Darwinism!

Cutting off the air supply of atheism

Demographics, rising number of religious conservatives, end of evolutionary indoctrination

Evolutionists, start thinking the "unthinkable"

Overview of the Question Evolution! Campaign and evolutionary belief

Overview of the Question Evolution! Campaign and evolutionary belief

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