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Is atheism and evolutionism loving North Korea about to become less weird?

Five questions:

1. Does militant evolutionism and militant atheism cause weirdness?

2. Is North Korea about to become less weird?

3. Will economic trade with outside world lead to increased Christian evangelism within North Korea?

4. How did atheism and evolutionism lead to the depravity that has occurred withing atheistic communist regimes?

5. How weak are the ideologies of atheism and evolutionism?

North Korea has loved atheism/evolutionism and the weirdness it brings

I recently saw a documentary on North Korea and the narrator for that documentary said that North Korea was the weirdest place on earth. I said to myself, the most friendly land towards atheism and evolutionism and the most unfriendly land towards biblical Christianity is also the weirdest. Go figure!

North Korea is a surreal country abounding in phoniness and propaganda. Sounds a lot like the ideologies of atheism and evolutionism, doesn't it? Given the bizarre behavior of many atheists/agnostics and evolutionists that I have seen, I cannot say that I am surprised. You definitely don't want to miss the videos below which show the over the top weirdness and wackiness of North Korea. In addition, be sure to read the rest of the article as it may help you better understand how atheism and evolutionism led to the depravity that occurred within atheistic communism.

Atheism and evolutionism loving North Korea may become less weird

The Vancouver Sun reported today:
North Korea seems finally to have heard the message China has been pushing at it for years. Beijing has repeatedly taken the last North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, on visits to China's show-case industrial centres to try to persuade him that it is perfectly possible to keep the one-party state and still have thriving economic development. Kim seemed to be never fully convinced. But things seem to be changing with Kim's death and the assumption of the Marxist throne by his young son Kim Jong-un, steered by the guiding hand of his uncle Jang Song-thaek. Last week Jang was in Beijing to put some muscle behind the development of two special economic zones in North Korea.

With Christianity growing quickly in China and now growing within the top echelons of Chinese society, North Korea is going to receive more and more prompting to open up its doors to the rest of the world. In addition, China is seeing its economy slow so it can't baby the Marxist-Leninism loving atheists and evolutionists in North Korea with as much economic aid as it did in the past.

History teaches that increased contact with the outside world often leads to increased Christianization.

For example, in 2008 The Economist reported concerning China:
Christianity also follows Chinese migration. Many Christians studied in America, converted there and brought their new faith home. Several of the congregation of the Shanghai house church studied abroad, as did Mr Zhao. In 2000, says one Beijing writer and convert, most believers were in the countryside. After 2000 they brought their faith into the cities, spreading Christianity among intellectuals.

How strong are the religions of atheism and evolutionism?

Michael Ruse, the atheist and evolutionist science philosopher admitted, “Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today.” Also, Creation Ministries International has an interesting article entitled Atheism: A religion

So how easily could Christianity spread into North Korea if it opened up its doors to the world? How weak are the religions of atheism and evolutionism?

The Christian Post article provides this key information:
Only about 30 percent of those who grow up in an atheist household remain atheists as adults. This "retention rate" was the lowest among the 20 separate categories in the study.

"What these findings reflect is that in the U.S. atheists are for the most part 'made' as adults after being raised in another faith. It appears to be much more challenging to raise one's child as an atheist and have them maintain this identity in their life," Dr. Mark Gray wrote at CARA's blog....

Baptists had the highest retention rate of the Protestant Christian categories at 60 percent, followed by Lutheran (59 percent) and Pentecostal (50 percent).
In addition, according to recent research by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, in the United States, a majority of those surveyed who were raised in atheist/agnostic households, or where there was no specific religious attachment, later chose to join a religious faith (see: Defectors to faith mark a growing trend and Faith in Flux Changes in Religious Affiliation in the U.S.).

Also, as noted above, Christianity is is experiencing explosive growth in China (see also: Christianity is exploding in China). Plus, Christianity is on the upswing in atheistic Japan - especially among the youth (see: Christianity on the upswing in Japan).

The atheist philosopher

So how strong is the evolution religion? I would encourage you to do our article Evolutionary gut feelings, "Belief in Evolution Boils Down to a Gut Feeling" plus examine the 15 questions for evolutionists.

Communism, atheism and evolutionism

The article The blood-stained ‘century of evolution’ points out how evolutionism supported the ideology of atheistic communism and it declares:
Communism also took evolution to its logical conclusion. If everything just evolved from ‘natural law,’ then man’s opinion, not God’s Word, determines what is right and wrong. If the working class can take power by armed struggle, then this is ‘right,’ regardless of how many must die to bring in the socialist paradise. Communism’s death toll far outranks the Nazis’—probably more than 90 million worldwide.

Some have suggested that the bloodthirsty deeds of Stalin were an ‘aberration’ from the revolution’s ideals. However, it was Lenin, the ‘father’ of the Russian revolution, who ‘perfected the science of mass killings,’ and total, merciless brutality as the ultimate method of political control. Evolution was the chief tool used to brainwash communism’s masses into ‘scientific atheism.’ If everything just evolved, then everything is at the whim of the most powerful, and there is no Maker to whom to be answerable. Hence Stalin’s belief that killing millions of people was no worse than mowing your lawn (grass is our cousin in evolutionary doctrine). [Author's note added May 2012: while Stalin undoubtedly believed this, the notion that he said something like this appears to be a miscitation--CW]

Mao’s reign of terror and lies resulted in the deaths of tens of millions. It is no coincidence that his two favorite books were by the evolutionists Darwin and Huxley. With millions dying from his forced famine, his physician records that Mao said, ‘We have so many people we can afford to lose a few.’ His successors have since persecuted and killed hundreds of thousands more.

Such overt ‘state’ evil makes it easy to forget what the Bible teaches about the evil within all of fallen mankind. Despite communism’s decline, the basic philosophy of evolutionism (i.e. man’s opinion, not God’s, is the ultimate authority) remains securely in control. They’re not shooting people scrambling over the Berlin Wall anymore, but millions of people are being torn apart in their mother’s womb in ‘democratic’ countries.

For additional information, I would highly recommend reading Creation Ministries International's article entitled Biblical Private Property Versus Socialistic Common Property by Rev. Professor F.N. Lee.

Weirdness of the depressing world of atheism and evolutionism in North Korea

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