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The information keeps rolling in that global atheism and global agnosticism are shrinking and losing influence in the world

It has really become an embarrassment of riches as far as the information and analysis that is publicly available about global atheism, agnosticism and evolutionism being on the decline and global Christianity and creationism being on the rise.

If you haven't seen the data we collected, I encourage you to judge for yourself by examining our collection of information on these matters.

Today, we updated our article Globally the worldviews of atheism and non-religious (agnostic) are declining while global Christianity is exploding in adherents with the new information and analysis given below.

Global atheism and global atheism are losing adherents and market share

In 2012 an article entitled Atheism in decline by Nigel Tomes declared:
The IBMR publishes yearly figures for religions (and non religions) around the globe. Their latest numbers, hot off the press (Jan. 2012) show some interesting trends.

1. Atheism is in Decline
In 1970 atheists (those avowing there is no God) numbered 166 million worldwide; that was almost one-in-twenty—4.5% of the globe’s population. By 2012 atheists’ number is estimated at 137 million. That’s a decline of almost 30 million. Since world population is growing, atheists’ share declined to less than one-in-fifty—under 2% in 2012. Put differently, every 24 hours there are 800 fewer atheists in the world! Atheism is in decline.
2. Agnosticism is in Decline
In 2000 agnostics (those who “don’t know” if there is a God) numbered 666 million, 10.9% of the world’s people. By 2012 agnostic’s number is estimated at 661 million--a decline of 5 million. In relative terms by 2012 agnostics represent less than one tenth (9.4%) of world population. Every 24 hours there are 1,100 less agnostics in the world. Agnostics are also in decline.
Added together these two groups make up a declining share of global population. In 1970 atheists and agnostics accounted for one-in-five (19.2%) of the world’s people. Based on current trends by 2025 they will represent less than one-in-ten (9.7%). Their population share will fall by half in 50+ years.

We encourage you to examine the entire 2012 article by Nigel Tomes entitled
Atheism in decline as it has some encouraging news about the growth of global Christianity.

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