Saturday, July 14, 2012

Checking the vitals signs of atheism

In order to determine the health of someone, doctors often check the vital signs of their patients.

Two of the vital signs of a community are its sense of community and its leadership capabilities.

Atheist Nexus bills itself as "The World’s Largest Coalition of Nontheists and Nontheist Communities!"

How is Atheist Nexus been doing lately?

Web traffic of Atheist Nexus according to Quantcast

Richard Dawkins

Despite the fact that Richard Dawkins is an ex-militant atheist turned agnostic, he still is considered an atheist leader by many. Of course, this is odd, but not too odd since atheists are a bunch of desperate oddballs filled with denialists.

Web traffic of according to the web traffic tracking company Alexa:

Video: Internet atheism's fast decline

Atheists, I think it is time to give atheism the last rites!

Upcoming post

In an upcoming post entitled Atheism is rudderless and unseaworthy, we will discuss the leadership capabilities of atheism. The reason we are doing this is that in recent times, the most fervent and vocal supporters of evolutionist ideology have been atheists.

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Eric Kaufmann: Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth? from Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Australian Broadcasting Corporation on

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EKG graphics are public domain:


  1. Did the burning bush tell you all of this? Or was it maybe the talking snake?

    1. Steven,

      Atheists often try to give the appearance that they are rational thinkers despite the fact that they often behave quite irrationally. The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article which mentioned studies on the irrationality of atheists. See:

      You comment is an glowing example of the irrationality of atheists and the worldview of atheism.

      Specifically, you employed the logical fallacy of the "red herring". A red herring is an "argument is one which distracts the audience from the issue in question through the introduction of some irrelevancy" (

      Setting aside the fact that you failed to show that the supernatural does not occur and that Bible history is not accurate, you utterly failed to show that the article's content is invalid. Instead you chose to behave in an illogical fashion.

      If you want me to publish your comments in the future, you will definitely need to step up your game in terms of relevancy and logical thinking.

      Lastly, I suggest you read my remarks to Michael (see comment below) about dealing with your denial and anger that global atheism is declining in terms of its adherents and market share which is expected to affect Western atheism. The same can be said of your denialism/anger about the fact that leading atheists websites are losing market share and visitors.

    2. Ok, you want a real question? Fine, I'll ask a real question although I highly doubt you'll give any kind of substantial answer.

      Why would an all-loving, all-powerful God allow Hell to exist?

    3. Steven,

      Why wouldn't God punish sinners who refused to repent and accept the free gift of the gospel of Jesus Christ. You might want an unrepentant Adolf Hitler to be in heaven, but I certainly don't.

      Please give us a well thought out response to this issue and not merely a glib reply. And please address John 16:1-11 in your reply.

      Lastly, after your reply and in the future, please keep your comments relevant to the post in question.

  2. Wow, this is an impressive amount of very technical looking stuff that means nothing whatsoever. I'm impressed.

    1. Michael,

      I certainly gave more than enough resources showing that:

      1. Global atheism is shrinking in terms of adherents and market share.

      2. The shrinking of global atheism is expected to accelerate and affect Western World atheism.

      3. Leading atheism websites are losing web traffic.

      The resources are also given here:

      Global atheism is shrinking

      Internet atheism: The thrill is gone

      Atheism is declining/dying.

      The Kubler-Ross model is a popular model on how many people in the secular world deal with death. The model has 5 stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

      Since you have not given me any sound data showing me the global decline of atheism is not occurring and it will not affect Western atheism, I suggest you move on to the stage of acceptance in terms of global atheism declining/dying. Right now, you appear to be in the denial/anger stages.


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