Sunday, August 26, 2012

More proof and evidence that atheists and/or evolutionists are media hyped windbags who spout drivel

The Media Research Center released a study in 2008 reporting a pro-atheism bias by major press outlets in the United States. Below is a video of that report.

Here is more proof and evidence that Richard Dawkins is a media hyped windbag who spouts out meaningless drivel: web traffic directly measured by the web traffic tracking company Quantcast: web traffic according to the web traffic tracking company Alexa:

Atheism and agnosticism has too many eggs in the secular left media basket

This is definitely not good news as the liberal media outlets such as newspapers are losing their audience. In addition, the effects of the global economy slowing down and the economic and political changes it will bring, will push the meaningless media hyped proclamations of atheists/evolutionists farther down in priority. No doubt Richard Dawkins is finding it harder to get press coverage in the current environment.

Atheists and evolutionists, you shouldn't have had so many eggs in the secular left media basket!

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  1. Showing a graph that indicates a dropnof in the readership of a particular media source (poorly labeled so that any conclusions drawn from it are hardly more then assumptions) and then using that to say that 'Richard Dawkins is a media-hyped windbag' is doing everyone a disservice. I would hope that the quality of your argument was better. It is very difficult to give any worth and respect to a piece that is claimly so biased. Please use better arguments if you intend to win anyone new over to your cause.

    1. Net Ninja,

      Thanks for the input. I better labeled the Quantcast graph. I also added an Alexa graph.

      Second, I suggest reading the "related resources" material if you have not done so.


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