Friday, January 13, 2012

The high price of NOT asking the 15 Questions for Evolutionists in your classroom

The bottom line. Regardless of whether it is in business or in our personal life, most people in today’s society are concerned about one main thing: the bottom line.

We often count the cost of the things we do. We look at the cost/benefit ratio, the Price/Earnings ratio, the effort/reward ratio; but let me ask you, how often do we seriously consider the cost for NOT doing something?

How might this really affect us in our world? Ask yourself the following questions:

What if God never said, “Light be”?

What if God never caused the dry land to appear?

How would our favorite restaurant make our favorite steak if God decided to NOT make any animals?

Better yet, what if God proceeded through the six days of creation, and then decided, “Mankind is going to be too much trouble, I AM going to stop here?” Many of us enjoy a really good aquarium or terrarium; the whole world as the perfect terrarium – now THAT would be awesome, but there would be no people.

What is the cost of NOT asking the 15 questions evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer in your classroom? Remember the saying, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
When it comes right down to it, the actual bottom line, if we just keep our mouths shut and never speak up, evil will indeed triumph. It would be like losing a war because we decided we were not going to use our military and we refused to defend ourselves. The enormous problem with this is, this war - of which evolution is like a biological agent which infects our populous spirit, soul and body – is the war for the souls of all humanity. If we do not stand up and ask the 15 questions evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer, evil will indeed triumph.

Evolution teaches us there is no God, no heaven, no hell, and that people are nothing more than advanced pond-scum, and morality is arbitrary to whatever the majority of chemical reactions do at a given moment in time.

If you have a relationship with God through faith in His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, you know God is. So, what is the high price of NOT asking the 15 questions evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer?

Bottom line: People are going to go to hell, and eventually, after the Judgment, the Lake of Fire to be eternally separated from God. This is the high price to be paid by people if we decide to keep our hands down and our questions to ourselves.

Look at your friends and classmates next time you go to school. Do you want to be responsible for their eternal damnation because you refused to ask a simple question in class when you had a burning in your heart to do so?

The exceeding high price is the salvation and eternal future of your friends and classmates. Some of your friends will forever disbelieve God because of the spiritual blindness caused by the ultimate belief of evolution – there is no God!!! Other friends of yours are struggling with the conflict between what is taught as “science” (which evolution is not) and what is claimed to be religion. The creation of the universe by Almighty God is not religion! The creation of the universe by Almighty God is accurately recorded history! The creation of the universe as recorded in Holy Scripture is the ultimate eyewitness testimony of the most reliable Witness there could ever be: the Almighty God who was there and actually created the universe.

Do you want the highly infectious belief in evolution to continuously eat at the souls of your friends and classmates? Or, do you want to do what you can, raise your hand in class and ask a few simple questions? The choice is yours, and so is the reward. Will you choose the action whose reward is watching your peers slowly lose their faith to a false atheistic belief system, or will you choose the reward of helping your friends gain the crown of life?

You have the knowledge, and you are aware of the necessary action and the cost. Ultimately, you are responsible to do what you know to do with the information you have. Be strong and of very good courage knowing that our God and Father is with you. Be emboldened by Holy Spirit to stand for what is good, what is righteous and what is true. For the eternal future of your friends and peers, ASK the 15 questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer. Stand in faith, and reap the rewards of your good action.

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  1. Does a belief in god and evolution need to be mutually exclusive? Evolution theory doesn't seem to preclude the possibility of the existence of god, merely the factual truth of the bible. Belief in the accuracy of the bible certainly requires faith, not in god but in the authors. I can't imagine that even a crazed zeolot would argue that each edition of the bible was an act of divine publication. I'd be more inclined to have faith in god than the integrity of people.

    Also, I disagree with your presumption that repeating (or memorising) sections of the bible equates to knowledge.

  2. Dr. Bill,

    Creation Ministries International at their website offers some excellent material concerning the many problems/inadequacies of the theistic evolution paradigm which I encourage you to examine.

    Second, your wrote: "Belief in the accuracy of the bible certainly requires faith, not in god but in the authors." I would suggest you read material on fulfilled Bible prophecy, material defending the resurrection of Jesus Christ and other supporting historical evidence for the Bible as I believe it will help demonstrate the divine inspiration of the Bible and its historical accuracy.

    As a first step, I suggest examining these resources:

    Public Theology and Prophecy Data - Factual Evidence that Counts for a Worldview by Dr. John Bloom, Robert C. Newman, and Hugh G. Gouch, Jr.

    The Book of Acts and Archaeology by Craig S. Hawkins

    Did Jesus rise from the dead? by Micheal Horner

    Christian Apologetics Questions and Answers

    Lastly, the central focus of the Question evolution! campaign is on the 15 questions for evolutionists and you have not satisfactorily answered the 15 questions. It would be different if you had offered compelling evidence for the theistic evolution hypothesis, but you failed to do this.

  3. Dr. Bill,

    You asked "Does a belief in god and evolution need to be mutually exclusive?"

    You can believe in "a" "god" and believe in Evolution without contradiction between the two beliefs, for one can merely define Evolution how one likes, and come up with a "god" that fits with it. The result of this is that one would believe in two made up stories that suits one for some unfathomable reason. However, belief in the God of the Bible and belief in Evolution are inconsistent. One may believe these two things but it is not consistent. One must deny something about God either knowingly or unknowingly and/or do the same with Evolution.

    The two are mutually exclusive if they are to be believed in as they are presented. One can make up whatever stories they like and believe them, however that is not belief in God nor in Evolution.



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