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Secular French leaders will play a key role in discrediting secular leftists and their ideologies such as Darwinism

Darwinism was one of the foundation stones of communism (see: Darwinism and communism and Marxism, law and evolution: Marxist law in both theory and practice).  In addition, European socialist leaders have been hostile to biblical creationism (see: When will Europe wake up? ).

Also, unlike most liberal economics academics, Peter Schiff the owner of EuroPacific Capital was amongst the financial analysts who predicted the 2008 economic crisis.

John Browne of EuroPacific Capital wrote in a January 18, 2013 article entitled France And The UK Could Be The Lynchpins Of Europe which indicated:
Over the past two months, Europe’s problems seem to have disappeared from the headlines. However, the new French Socialist government is pushing ahead with policies that favor significantly higher government spending, greater regulation of business and commerce, and severely higher taxes on high earners. The long term effects of these policies, which I believe will lead to further economic decline, may be given fresh scrutiny if France is drawn into a lasting conflict in West Africa as a result of its surprise intervention in Mali last week...

French President Sarkozy was a Europhile. He conducted French policy in lock step support of German initiatives. However, his successor, President François Hollande, is an ardent Socialist. His policies are leading France towards a possible economic disaster on par with those facing Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain (PIGS). Intimating that France was a potentially mortal threat to the EU, the Economist’s cover for the November 17th - 23rd 2012 issue carried the headline,‘The time-bomb at the heart of Europe.’ An open ended commitment to defend France’s former West African colonies against Islamist incursions from the Sahara could fast track a fiscal crisis. Whereas the economies of most of the PIGS were small enough to be bailed out, France has the world’s sixth largest economy. It is far too big for a bailout without threatening the economies of Germany and the UK.
Darwinism, atheism, agnosticism and socialism are secular religions promoted by secular minded governments of Europe (see: Darwinism and atheism are religions). If these governments fail, it will certainly cause these secular religions to be more closely examined by its populace and in the world at large.  In 2011, the religious and political scholar Professor Eric Kaufman wrote of the exhaustion of secular religions. We can see this exhaustion in the dwindling popularity of internet atheism and Darwinist websites which began in 2007.  See: Decline of internet atheism. and  The 2004 to 2007 publicity campaign for atheism was not sustainable. Public interest is not coming back
In addition, there is more infighting within the atheist community at the present time (see: Atheist infigthing and Freethoughtblogs ). This can't be helping the esprit de corps of the atheist movement and I read of atheist activists dropping out of the atheist movement because of it. It's clear that those holding secular ideologies lack coherent ideologies which offer reasonable explanations of the world so it is not surprising that their communities are pandemoniums.

Also, when do sports teams often engage in bickering? When things are going well or when they are losing?  It is obvious that those holding secular ideologies are unable to intellectually defend their nonsense and that they are losing the fight when it comes to the world at large (See: Global atheism).   For example,  the Christian philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig challenge the British Human Society and Richard Dawkins to a debate and they both ducked the debate offer. Creation Ministries International offered to to debate the members of the Global Atheist Conference in 2010 and they refused to accept their debate offer. See: 21 century atheism is well-known for its cowardice

Professor Eric Hoffman in an academic paper entitled Shall the Righteous Inherit the Earth? Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century wrote concerning religious conservatives prevailing against weakened secularism:
Ethnicity and race may succumb to liberal modernity, but committed religious populations cannot be assimilated to liberal secularism fast enough to compensate for their demographic advantage in a world of plunging fertility and growing migration. In the end, it is a battle between religious fertility on the one hand, and, on the other, religious decline through the 'assimilation' of religious offspring into secularism. This paper argues that the weakness of secularism and a widening secular-religious fertility gap points toward a religious victory...

The principle of tolerating and 'celebrating' diversity is a corollary of postmodern relativism which opens up space for antimodern religious 'diversities' to take root. If they are demographically-powerful religious movements like Islamism or evangelical Chrisianity, they will exploit this weakness to progressively erode the hegemony of western secular humanism....

In the Europe of tomorrow, immigration and religious fertility will increase the proportion of committed Muslims and Christians, many from the developing world. It may seem fanciful to imagine a moral conservatism uniting white and nonwhite Christians as well as Muslims against 'secular humanists'. However, a version of this process has occurred in the United States, and it can be argued that the cocktail of cultural relativism, secular exhaustion and demographic change is even more potent in Europe than America. The division between native ethnic groups and immigrant groups is currently more important in Europe, but as the Muslim and religious Christian minorities grow, they will become as important for conservative politicians as the religious Hispanics of America whom the Republicans have so assiduously courted. At some point, it will make more electoral sense for European conservatives to appeal to a trans-ethnic coalition of moral conservatives than it will to stress anti-immigrant themes and ethno-nationalism. The liberal-left will find it extremely difficult to craft a defense of secularism given its investment in cultural relativism, the exhaustion of its secular religions, and its laissez-faire attitude to demographic change.

Standing back from the fray, we can think of demography as the achilles heel of
France and biblical Christianity
French scholars say evangelicalism is likely the fastest growing religion in France

Immigrant evangelical churches are a fast growing movement in France

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