Thursday, January 17, 2013

Religious researchers say there will be approximately 4,000,000 less atheists in the world and about 352,969,000 more Christians in the world by 2025

 In 2013,  religious scholars at the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, Massachusetts, reported that by 2025 there will be 4,183,000 less atheists in the world and 352,969,000 more people professing to be Christians (registration is free to get the International Bulletin of Missionary Research which publishes their research at (see: 2013 Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary - status of Global Mission report).

Also, militant atheism in the Western World via the New Atheism has fallen on hard times.   In 2013, a UK reporter for Church Times declared that New Atheism is in decline - see:  New Atheists in decline.  For more information please see our article: The 2004 to 2007 publicity campaign for atheism was not sustainable. Public interest is not coming back and Collection of articles about Richard Dawkins,

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Improving some of the current trends

Of course, the trends reported by these scholars are based on past data and projections. History and religious research teaches us that atheism is a weak ideology and Darwinism cannot withstand cross-examination. Furthermore, Christians are improving their outreach through various methods such as internet evangelism. If you have any doubts about the weakness of atheist ideology, we suggest reading our article Georgetown University study provides two clues to shrinking atheism faster.

Therefore, we believe that considerable stepping up the distribution of the Question Evolution! Campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists though increased outreach and educational materials combined with other initiatives by Christendom can change the trends and cause there to be considerably less evolutionists and atheists in the world.  This will involve increasing our outreach in the English language and translating the campaign more extensively into other languages.  Of course,  forming more and more alliances and increasing the base of volunteers will be key determinants of success.

The "Question Evolution Day on February 12, 2013 and other similar efforts, will be a big boost to the campaign. See:  A grassroots supporter of the Question Evolution! Campaign wants a Question Evolution! Day. Question Evolution! Day will be held on February 12. 2013

For more information, please see: Our group's plan for advancing the Question Evolution! Campaign

Question Evolution! Day 

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