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Pop goes the Darwinism higher education indoctrination bubble evolutionist weasels!

An American study found that forty-five percent of students achieved no significant improvement in their critical thinking, reasoning or writing skills during the first two years of college. After four years, 36 percent displayed no significant increases in these so-called "higher order" thinking skills.

In 2011, there were several reports that a higher education bubble would burst: Higher education bublle- The Economist  and Forbes - Higher education bubble and Higher education bubble will burst - U.S. News and World Report.

The bubble may burst in 2013-2014.  Amidst high unemployment for recent college graduates, The Daily Caller just reported: Moody’s downgrades higher ed financial forecast

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy declared on January 14, 2013:
Some of the same forces pushing this revolution are already impacting university bottom lines and "pricing power," according to a new Moody's study reported by The Wall Street Journal:

For the (current) fiscal year, 18% of 165 private universities and 15% of 127 public universities project a decline in net tuition revenue… Nearly half of the schools surveyed by Moody's reported enrollment declines this fall, though overall median enrollment remained relatively flat from the previous year… Moody's also attributed the enrollment decline at some public universities to a ‘heightened scrutiny of the value of higher education’ after years of tuition increases and stagnating family income.

While elite institutions like the University of Michigan are in a better position to navigate the transition, schools like Central Michigan University, Western Michigan University, Ferris State University and the rest of Michigan’s smaller state universities may be in deep trouble. Their massive overhangs of debt and underfunded employee pension promises are all but certain to bite taxpayers here as students and families increasingly discover alternative ways to acquire both learning and marketable credentials at a fraction of the cost of a residential college.
 With a large amount of students having trouble paying back their college debt, it is obvious the present system is not sustainable. See: Why the Student Loan Situation Is Worse Than We Thought

Furthermore, more cost effective and practical online education will further bite into the market share of brick and mortar universities: Study: Online Learning Outcomes Similar to Classroom Results

Higher education and the promulgation of Darwinism

Higher education evolutionist indoctrination plays a key role in the promulgation of Darwinism. So this could have a significant effect on Darwinism.

In 2009, the Digital Journal reported:
 Among those with high school or less, 21% believe in evolution, while 41% of those with some college education believe in evolution. This number climbs to 53% among college graduates and to 74% for postgraduates.

Disbelief in evolution exhibits more or less the same trend, in reverse. 27% of those with high school or less do not believe in evolution. Of those with some college education, 29% do not believe in evolution while this number is 22% in college graduates. Only 11% of the respondents with a postgraduate degree do not believe in evolution.
Also, in 2012 the Daily Reporter published a story entitled:  found that:  Study: academia really does discriminate against conservatives

I do believe there are worthwhile college programs such as programs which provide their graduates such as  training in the medical professions, engineering, computer science, etc.  However, there are a worthless programs in college such as LGBT studies, evolutionary biology, etc.   Colleges and universities are going to have to pay the price soon for their promotion of a lot of useless ideology such as Darwinism.

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