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Complacent, egotistical and unrealistic evolutionists vs. hardworking, humble and realistic creationists - biblical creationism will continue to prevail in the world!

Is the Question Evolution! Campaign going to benefit from the snowball effect in 2013? Will it be rolling down the hill of favorable conditions for the growth of biblical creation belief?  

Critics of this Question Evolution! blog accuse me of having grandiose and unrealistic expectations of the Question Evolution! Campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists.

Of course, this is very ironic given that:

1. Christianity and creationism is exploding in adherents in the world.  It is even growing quickly  in places like secular France and traditionally Roman Catholic Latin America. See: Rise of global creationism

2.  Global atheism is shrinking and internet atheism has seen a big decline since 2007.   The UK professor Eric Kaufman the rise of religious conservatism in the world,  the sub-replacement level of fertility of secular people and immigration to have a big effect on Western atheism/agnosticism in coming years. Decline of global atheism and agnosticism  and  Decline of internet atheism articles

3. Secular Europe and the United States are buried under a mountain of debt and the effects of that debt is starting to impinge on their economies - especially in places like Greece and Spain. History teaches that societies which have grave difficulties often start questioning their false ideas/ideologies and ways of doing  things.  There are certainly historical precedents where Christianity prospered in such an environment.  See: Social unrest in Europe altering its religious landscape and  Does atheism thrive on economic prosperity?

4. Young earth creationism is growing in the United States. See: American young earth creationism increased in recent months - Gallup survey

5. Evolutionary belief is based on gut feelings.  Evolutionary belief lacks evidence and there is much evidence against it. See:  Evolutionary gut feelings, "Belief in Evolution Boils Down to a Gut Feeling" and Evidence against evolution and evolutionary belief lacks evidence

For more information please see: 13 recent grim events for Darwinism that should give every Darwinist nightmares

Yes, my evolutionists friends.  Creationists are not the egotists and the unrealistic ones. If you want to see an egotistical and unrealistic person, I suggest you look into the mirror!

Social movements and the snowball effect

The American Civil Rights movement started in 1955 and it wasn't until 1964 that the Civil Right Act was enacted.  The Committee for the Abolition of the Slave Trade was formed in 1787. The  Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 didn't occur until 56 years later.  The ruth is that social movements are often like rolling a snowball.  They often start off small but given the right environment they can get bigger and bigger until they are unstoppable.

Often social movements are spawned and gain momentum quickly when those in the seats of power overplay their hand via heavy handed tactics.  Of course, this is exactly what is happening with evolutionism. See: Heavy-handed evolutionist tactics

What is the creation vs. evolution enviroment in America where many social movements have been launched?

Anti-evolution laws are being proposed and/or enacted in America right now.  In 2011, eight anti-evolution bills were introduced into United States state legislatures encouraging students to employ critical thinking skills when examining the evolutionary paradigm. Also, in 2011, a study was published indicating that most United States high school biology teachers are reluctant to endorse the theory of evolution in class.In 2009, there were seven states which required critical analysis skills to be employed when examining evolutionary material within schools.

Yet, an anti-evolution grassroots effort is superior to a legal strategy.  The famous general and strategists Sun Tzu who wrote the classic military strategy work The Art of War said: "So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike at what is weak." So why focus your battles in an arena filled with many liberal pro-evolution judges?  Plus, merely gaining the right to critically Darwinism in schools doesn't mean it is going to happen.

Generally speaking, the courts often  protect the status quo and are merely a reflection of society. While their are certainly cases of activists judges on the ideological left, I don't think any long term gains are going to be achieved in the courts without it being preceded by grassroots activism.

Grassroot activism: A better way

A better approach is to advance a social movement for a cause by:

1. Developing a compelling message via various creating various materials

2. Creating a plan to widely disseminate that message

3. Setting realistic goals as far as the distribution of the message. 

4. Vigorously advance the message.

The Question Evolution! Campaign is going to roll out some fantastic materials in 2013 and so we are ramping up our volunteer recruitment efforts. See:  Third stage of the Question Evolution! Campaign

Evolutionists, the Question Evolution! Campaign snowball will be rolling down the hill in 2013. Will you be ready?  Judging by your inability to answer the 15 questions for evolutionists we all know that you aren't ready!
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  1. Just a quick question, Why can't evolutionist be "Hardworking, humble, and realistic"? Then I have the reverse why can't creationist be "complacent, egotistical, and unrealistic"? Cause that is a bit of favoritism and that ain't cool.

    1. Ricky,

      If you have a case, then make it. Don't wimp out by merely asking a question because you lack a good case.


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