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My first blog post. I am a Christian YouTube creationist and creationist blogger referred to the Question Evolution! Campaign by the Canadian creationist Ian Juby

This will be my first post here on this "Question Evolution! Campaign blog" so I suppose an introduction is in order. My name is Eugene Gateley and I have been invited to contribute to this blog because I was recommended by an online friend of mine, fellow Christian Ian Juby (a.k.a. Wazooloo), whom I met via YouTube. I'm sure Ian recommended me to contribute to this Question Evolution blog because of my own YouTube videos which I have posted on my channel at hugenex2000 and because of my blog, TheNewCreationist.

Now, when I first started out on YouTube it was really only to watch some funny videos that people had sent me links to watch. Also, I would click on links to videos posted by fellow bloggers back when I had a blog on Yahoo360 which no longer exists because Yahoo discontinued it. Before blogging on Yahoo360, I was active on YahooAnswers since it's very beginning in the Summer of 2006 and there were lots of links to YouTube videos posted both in questions and in answers to questions.

Why did I like to hang out at YahooAnswers? Well, because I like questions of course, they stimulate thought and facilitate the exchange of ideas. In fact I love questions. Asking questions is a good way to learn and if you are curious then you will ask lots of questions. But, one thing quickly became abundantly clear on YahooAnswers; if you were a Christian, or worse a Creationist, then many if not most of the questions asked by atheists were loaded with so many errors and so much hostility that it would be a total waste of time to answer them or even ask your own questions.

For example, the following question is a "loaded question" and it also contains a glaring error showing that the asker doesn't know the YEC position on the age of the Earth:
Why are Creationists so stupid and think the Earth has been around for only 4,000 years?Seriously, how can they believe the planet has only been here for 4,000 years? Haven't they ever seen a picture of the Grand Canyon or Mt. Everest? It may not be 4,000,000,000 years old but it's certainly more than 4,000. How do they explain dinosaurs? 4 years ago

First of all, let me say that when I first joined the YahooAnswers community in June of 2006 I was agnostic but because of the searing hatetred being lobbed at Christians in general and Creationists in particular I felt compelled to investigate for myself the claims made for and against both evolution and creation. My investigation led me to do a great deal of research and I was astonished at just how much evidence there is in direct contradiction to Darwinian Evolution.

Don't get me wrong, there is some merit in the theory in that the mechanisms of mutation and natural selection do indeed cause change over time but the problem is that universal common descent does not follow, it's a non-sequitur. Why? Because "mutations" are mostly deleterious (though sometimes benign) and "natural selection" is a conservative process; (i.e.- You can't select what does not exist.) Hopefully, I will get into the Darwinian mechanisms in later posts because that is not my point at the moment. My point at the moment is that I am a fan of CMI's "Question Evolution" campaign mostly because I am a fan of questions in general and anyone attempting to insulate themselves from such questions is simply not credible and this is how I know that Evolution as a theory is not credible.

Let's look at the first question in the "Question Evolution" campaign: #1. How did life originate?
Now, in an attempt to answer, or should I say address, this question the very first thing that happens is an atheistic side-step; they say it is irrelevant to Evolution such as in this blog post in Think Atheist in which the writer says, "But this isn't an Evolution question." 

This same claim is presented by the YouTuber, CKD007, in the video linked in the article as follows:

The problem is that both what "Think Atheist" says and what "CDK007" says is NOT TRUE!
How do I know?

A simple websearch will settle it.

A Google search for "Chemical Evolution" turns up (among others) the following results:
Learn - Center for Chemical Evolution
centerforchemicalevolution.com/learnNews & Events · Opportunities · Login. Learn. The Center for Chemical Evolution is a collaboration of researchers from a dozen institutions that have joined ...
Scientists Cut Ribbon on the Center for Chemical Evolution
www.gatech.edu › News Room
Aug 3, 2010 – Nick Hud Talks About the Center for Chemical Evolution (image/jpeg)... Ranked seventh among U.S. News & World Report's top public ...
Center for Chemical Evolution | Parker H. Petit Institute for ...
Center for Chemical Evolution. How life began is arguably the most intriguing question of our time. Determining the chemistry required for the de novo ...
Georgia Tech Awarded a $20M Center for Chemical Innovation
www.gatech.edu › News RoomShare
Aug 2, 2010 – Researchers will focus their efforts on exploring chemical processes that enable the spontaneous ... Hud will direct the effort, which is known as the Center for Chemical Evolution... Research News & Publications Office ...
Learn more about chemical evolution | e! Science News
15+ items – Updated by artificial intelligence Wed, 26 Dec 2012, 19:30:20 ...
August 2008 Geology and GSA Today media highlights
University of Hawai'i at Manoa team unravels the chemistry of Titan's hazy ...
Center for Chemical Evolution Phase II Launch | Facebook
Photos of Georgia Tech Research News · 0. Photos · 0. Albums. Center for Chemical Evolution Phase II Launch. Updated over a year ago · Taken at IBB ...
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    What else do I need to say? 


  1. I just found the following from a discussion:

    Some of the most well known atheist's and Darwin proponents today such as Nick Matzke, the infamous PZ Meyers and others argue that "abiogenesis is part of evolutionary biology and that it is a cop-out to deflect challenges about it from anti-evolutionists."

    I don't know Matzke, but I was reading Meyers at the time (several years ago) that he conceded the above on his blog.

    1. Thanks Ross. Great information to know.

      Also, if you can find the links to the information you mentioned, it would be much appreciated.

    2. Meyers mentions it here, calling it #15 from another source).


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