Sunday, January 6, 2013

The "nones" - spiritual but not religious - are more vulnerable to mental disorder accordingy to a study

Although atheists often like to claims the so-called "nones" or "no religion" on religious surveys, fewer than 15% of the so called "nones" are atheists. The nones do not subscribe to an organized religion such as Christianity or Judaism. See: Meet the 'Nones:' Spiritual but not religious

It turns out that that the spiritual but not religious are more vulnerable to mental disorders according to a study. See: Study: People Who Are ‘Spiritual’ But Not ‘Religious’ ‘Are More Vulnerable to Mental Disorder’

Also, atheists are more likely to commit suicide. See: Young earth creationists are happier than atheists during Christmas. Darwinism never has inspired joyous songs, but has merely inspired misery

The ideologies of "Noneism", Darwinism and atheism inspire misery and not joy. And don't let any deceitful Darwinists tell you otherwise.

Human misery inspired by Darwinism

The evolutionist Herbert Spencer was likely an uncharitable man during Christmas
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