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A grassroots supporter of the Question Evolution! Campaign wants a Question Evolution! Day. Question Evolution! Day will be held on February 12. 2013

A Question Evolution! Day is on its way! Mark February 12, 2013 on your calendars

Robert S.. is one of the members of our Question Evolution! Campaign group. He runs a website called Piltdown Superman.  Robert S. suggested that the grassroots Question Evolution! Campaign  have a "Question Evolution! Day" on February 12, 2013 which features the 15 questions for evolutionists.  The evolutionist Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809. Watch the Question Evolution! Day video by Robert S. below or watch it at: Question Evolution! Day - February 12, 2013

Darwinists have established a cult of personality around Charles Darwin for their religion of Darwinism. Every year they celebrate Darwin Day on February 12. The agnostic and prominent evolutionist Stephen Gould wrote: "all theories [of natural selection] cite God in their support, and ... Darwin comes close to this status among evolutionary biologists ...".   In his book Rivals : Conflict as the fuel of science, Michael White similarly wrote: "Of course today, for biologists, Darwin is second only to God, and for many he may rank still higher."

In short, evolutionary belief has definitely become a religion. The atheist Michael Ruse, an evolutionist science philosopher,  admitted, “Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today.”

PiltdownSuperman is gunho for a Question Evolution!  Day

On July 4, 2011, Robert S. (who runs the website PiltdownSuperman)  wrote  to Creation Ministries International and his short letter which was published on their Question Evolution! Campaign webpage said:
I would like to see a coordinated “Question Evolution Day”. People would have their T-shirts, leaflets and whatever else. Using the high-resolution artwork available on the site, we can go to Vista Print, Wal-Mart or other places to get really creative and be even more visible.

But people would definitely need to read up on the expected arguments and learn some tactics on how to present/defend the gospel before that day.
Think about this! While other Americans were enjoying barbecues in their backyard, the hardcore believer in biblical creation PiltdownSuperman was busy thinking of ways to defeat Darwinism! Now that my evolutionist friends is dedication!

Robert S.  wants a coordinated "Question Evolution! Day.  Below are regions that the grassroots Question Evolution! Campaign movement will have to develop leaders in order to manifest Bob S.'s  desire for a coordinated Question Evolution! Campaign.

Of course, these regions can merely serve as rules of thumb. For example, in this volunteer recruitment drive we may choose to place more initial focus on the "Bible Belt" areas of various countries and less time initially on sparsely populated areas like the upper region of Nunavut in Canada. This will better insure momentum and the formation of group leaders. See also: Evangelism, , evangelism teams and leadership

For example, the pro-evolution website Wikipedia declares in their Bible Belt article:
In Canada, the term is also sometimes used to describe several disparate regions which have a higher than average level of church attendance. These include some rural areas of the Prairies, the rural and more traditional parts of the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and the Saint John River Valley of New Brunswick.
Of course, we are not going to be reluctant to spread the campaign in heavily pro-evolution areas too.  If Jonah preached repentance to the ungodly in Ninevah, God willing, surely we can spread this grassroots anti-evolution campaign in pro-evolution regions.

10 Regions of the United States:

  • Region I: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
  • Region II: New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
  • Region III: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia
  • Region IV: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
  • Region V: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin
  • Region VI: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
  • Region VII: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska
  • Region VIII: Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming
  • Region IX: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands)
  • Region X: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
Canadian provinces:

Regions of the United Kingdom:

All regions of the United Kingdom:
  • UKC. North East England
  • UKD. North West England
  • UKE. Yorkshire and the Humber
  • UKF. East Midlands
  • UKG. West Midlands
  • UKH. East of England
  • UKI. Greater London
  • UKJ. South East England
  • UKK. South West England
  • UKL. Wales
  • UKM. Scotland
  • UKN. Northern Ireland

States of Australia:

Regions of New Zealand

(This image requires updating because: Boundary changes, Papakura and Rodney Districts are subsumed into Auckland)

Provinces of South Africa:


The Question Evolution! Campaign is worldwide campaign, get involved!  

Translating has started in these languages: Afrikaans, Danish, Portuguese and Spanish

1. Top 10 languages for turbocharging creation evangelism. Our Question Evolution! teams translating goals

2. Reducing global evolutionary belief through the wide distribution of free Question Evolution! e-books and videos in multiple languages


Question Evolution! Day by Robert S. (Cowboy Bob)


Question Evolution! Campaign resources and other resources

Question Evolution! Campaign

15 questions for evolutionists

Responses to the 15 Questions: part 1 - Questions 1-3

Responses to the 15 Questions: part 2 - Questions 4–8

Responses to the 15 Questions: part 2 - Questions 9-15

Creation Ministries International Question Evolution! Videos

15 Questions that Evolutionists STILL Cannot Answer

Graphic credits:

1. Regions of England:


English: Map showing the Regions of England and the constituent metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties, in 2009. Equirectangular map projection on WGS 84 datum, with N/S stretched 170% Geographic limits:
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  • East: 2.0E
  • North: 56.0N
  • South: 49.75N
Date 2012-04-21 20:15 (UTC)
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License:  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

2. NUTS 1 statistical regions of the United Kingdom map:


English: Map showing the NUTS 1 statistical regions of the United Kingdom in 2011. Equirectangular map projection on WGS 84 datum, with N/S stretched 170% Geographic limits:
  • West: 11.0W
  • East: 2.2E
  • North: 61.0N
  • South: 49.0N
The region colours are paler versions of those in en:File:United Kingdom NUTS 1.png.
Date 2012-05-12 13:17 (UTC)
Source This file was derived from:

Applications-graphics.svg This is a retouched picture, which means that it has been digitally altered from its original version. Modifications: recoloured with some boundary lines hidden. The original can be viewed here: United_Kingdom_police_areas_map.svg. Modifications made by Dr Greg.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

4. NZTerritorialAuthorities:


English: Map of territorial authorities (regions, districts, municipalities, etc) in New Zealand
Date 23 September 2007
Source Own work
Author Vardion
Other versions Derivative works of this file:

 License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, 2.5 Generic, 2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.


  1. Glad you brought up the religious cult nature part. There are groups set up on Facebook and blogs set up to mock Bob and his work. It shows the religious fundamentalist attitude of Darwinists. Another thing that shows fanatic religion is that they made a love of evolution day as a direct reaction to question evolution day

  2. The UK has no interest in your insane creationist claptrap. Trot on, Jesus Jmmy!

    1. Alex B,

      Those who adhere to the religion of Darwinism often make blind faith based statements bereft of data. I see you are not an exception to this rule.

      I notice you didn't cite any data negating the fact that biblical Christianity is growing in the UK. See: Biblical Christianity is growing in the UK:

      Next, are you willing to have a debate centered around the 15 questions for evolutionists (see: )
      via a recorded oral debate which would be distributed to tens of thousands of people.

      If you are confident in your evolutionary beliefs, please make the necessary arrangements via this free chat room:,89538844 You can make the necessary arrangements with the chat room moderators Shockofgod or VivaYehshua. Alternatively, you can email Shockofgod via his YouTube email at

      If you want to know more about the debate, any and all questions should be directed to Shockofgod or VivaYehshua

      There will be no future communication with you via this blog until you accept this debate offer and carry through with the debate.

  3. Thanks for the write-up. As for the praise, I'll quote Sherlock Holmes: "My blushes, Watson!" This is actually the second year for QED, and it is gaining momentum. Especially with enthusiastic supporters like you.

    I was aware of the religious evolutionary fanatics that want to adore Darwin, but they don't need another holiday because they worship Darwin every day, and they already have one — April 1.

    You will not get a decent reply from that atheist. He is famous for being obstreperous, bitter, angry and illogical, and would not stand a chance with the debate challenge. Best to let him continue his descent into obscurity.


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