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Immigrant evangelical churches are a fast growing movement in France. Now is the time for creationism to spread in France!

Yesterday, a member of our Question Evolution! Campaign group had a very cordial and productive conversation with someone who has been very active in the French speaking creationist community. The person gave us key contacts in France and Canada when it comes to Christian creationists. We are really looking forward to talk to these people given the recent refinement of our plan to widely disseminate the 15 questions for evolutionists.

France and creationism? Why now?

On July 2, 2012, the French religious website French Windows reported:
Evangelical churches are a fast-growing movement in France. Mostly related to the Francophone world (According to the La nouvelle France protestante 2011 book, there is around 40 millions of French-speaking Protestants in the World), they are often poor, and have a hard time finding proper worship places.

To read an article on this matter see the Global Post article Evangelicals accuse French officials of discrimination

Where are the evangelical immigrants coming from? 

Global Christianity is exploding in Africa and in the Eastern World. Also, secular populations have sub replacement level of births and often resort to immigration and so it is not surprising that evangelicals from other other countries are starting to become a fast growing movement in France (France had colonies in Africa). Plus, religious people often have significantly larger families which can have a substantial impact over time. See: Religious families vs. secular families and birth rates

Professor Eric Kaufmann using a multitude of demographic studies argues in an academic paper entitled Shall the Righteous Inherit the Earth? Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century that the decline of atheism in terms of its global adherents is an established trend that will persist for the foreseeable future and the rate of decline of global will accelerate. In the Western World, due to immigration and the higher birth rates of religious people, Kaufman writes: "Committed religious populations are growing in the West, and will reverse the march of secularism before 2050."

History and a recent study of Georgetown University teach us that atheism and evolutionism are not strong ideologies if they are confronted.

For more information please see:

Georgetown University study provides two clues to shrinking atheism faster

Overrunning Darwinism through internet evangelism, radical pricing (free) and wide distribution

In due time, amiable and industrious French speaking Christian evangelical immigrants will become more and more influential in France. Do you remember what happened to Christianity in the Roman Empire? Of course, this may bode well for Christian creationism in France. This is already started to happen in the UK with evangelical immigrants who are beginning to challenge the theologically liberal church in the UK. See: Biblical Christianity is rising in the UK.

Creationism and French Catholicism - 2007 events

Reuters reported in 2007:
"Bible-based criticism of evolution, once limited to Protestant fundamentalists in the United States, has become an issue in France now that Pope Benedict and some leading Catholic theologians have criticized the neo-Darwinist view of creation...

These American concerns caught notice in Europe after Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, a confidant of Pope Benedict, attacked neo-Darwinist theories in 2005 in what seemed to be a move to ally the Catholic Church with "intelligent design."...

Herve Le Guyader, a University of Paris biology professor who advised the Education Ministry on the Atlas, said high school biology teachers needed more training now to respond to the increasingly open challenges to the theory of evolution.

Trouble in France and a door opening

France is a major player when it comes to Europe and is one of the largest economies in Europe.

However, at the present time, France is at a crossroads in terms of its economy and they are experiencing significant amounts of economic pressure. Nearly 10% of their population is unemployed and in December of 2011 the credit rating agency Moody's downgraded the bonds of French banks.

Also, the wealthy are starting to flee France Since capitalism depends on capital and the Eurozone is experiencing major problems things could get much rougher in France.

If you are a Bible reader and student of history, you know that men who face difficulty are often more open to God. It appears as if secularism and socialism is beginning to unravel in France and a door may soon be opening for creationism in France.

France: A potential strategy for disseminating biblical creationism

Will the Question Evolution! Campaign and the 15 questions for evolutionists spread through France? If so, how might it occur?

Please see our articles:

Overrunning Darwinism through internet evangelism, radical pricing (free) and wide distribution

A plan for accelerating the decline of global atheism

Vive le biblical creationism!

Vive le biblical creationism in France, Quebec, Africa and in all French speaking countries! Au revoir, Monsieur Darwin!

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